Hiring for traits such as drive, empathy, optimism and resilience is no longer optional, it is vital in future-proofing your business. Use psychometric testing to get it right.

Sometimes it seems there are too many tools available to measure various personality traits. Time and experience tend to weed out those tools that don’t pay dividends, but psychometric testing has withstood the test of time.

So what exactly is psychometric testing good for?

Designed to measure an individual’s aptitude, ability, personality, behavioural styles, talents, problem-solving abilities and motivation, psychometric tests help predict the way a person will perform in a job, including the ways they might relate to, or influence others around them.

The process begins with a psychologist engaging with you, the employer to figure out the character attributes required in a specific role.

An assessment is then conducted with the candidate, most often online. The psychologist then reports on how the candidate maps against the role requirements.

is it just for big business?

Some believe psychometric testing is only for large corporates, but actually, it could be argued that individuals have a greater impact on smaller businesses. Therefore it can be argued that the strength of the hire is far more important culturally and financially in an SME.

Having the right talent is the single most important ingredient for any successful business, large or small. Psychometric testing offers great value to SMEs in helping to ensure a team can work collaboratively towards a specific goal.

remove the subjectivity

Traditional interview processes can be rife with bias.

What a person is wearing, how they have done their hair, their hobbies, anecdotes they share about achievements in past workplaces – all of these, and so much more, can be read differently, depending on who is interviewing.

Some form of objective testing for skills and personality traits is always recommended.

psychometric testing not only removes all subjectivity but also offers additional benefits.

These include: 

  • The objective measure of a potential candidate’s aptitude and behaviours to determine potential performance in the role.
  • Online administration is cost-effective and allows for a quick turnaround when hiring.
  • Scientifically validated to provide useful insights into an individual’s performance in a working environment.
  • Information can be used by employers to understand how to manage and motivate new hires to ensure optimal performance.
  • Provides a valid comparison between different candidates.
  • Information can be fed back to new employees to raise self-awareness and highlight development opportunities.
  • Provides information that can't be gathered through traditional recruitment methods such as interviews and reference checks.
  • Provides an environmental and cultural match between the candidate and your business.

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