our inhouse services solution

Randstad Inhouse Services has been developed for companies with a high demand for flexible personnel. This concept brings you more flexibility, higher productivity and efficiency, together with lower personnel costs.

match your workforce to your workload

Staffing a business with constantly changing workloads and demands is a challenge facing most managers. Does this sound like you?

Would a planning solution that helps effectively manage your workforce scalability help? Are you interested in mitigating risk across your temporary workforce by ensuring staff are engaged, well trained and well managed?

From years of experience, Randstad Inhouse Services has developed a workforce management solution to address these very needs!

The Randstad Inhouse Services’ aim is simple - we make it our business to deliver and retain the people you need to drive your business performance. We leverage best-practice temporary recruitment hiring strategies and combine them with the right talent management approach to ensure effective management of costs to drive your revenue results.

In summary, what we do

  • effective management of scalable temporary staffing optimise productivity
  • reduce overtime & idle time
  • decrease absenteeism
  • reduce injury & accident-related costs
  • improve time-to-fill ratios
  • minimise staff turnover
  • provide regular result analytics & reporting

To find out how we can help you to match your workload to your workforce, contact your Randstad Inhouse Services representative by calling +61 02 8095 1600. Our main office is located at Level 7, 123 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000

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