What is the RecruitAble Pilot?

77% of employers say they are willing to hire a person with a disability, yet only 33% employ anyone with a disability.

The goal of RecruitAble is to create a successful model for the employment of people with disability through mainstream recruitment companies and industry.  We want to reduce the employment gap for people with disability by changing attitudes to hiring people with disability and making the process easier and inclusive for all via the mainstream recruitment sector. 

The RecruitAble Pilot is funded by the Federal Government, Department of Social Services and delivered in partnership with Get Skilled Access, a disability Inclusion and Accessibility consulting company founded by Dylan Alcott, three times Paralympic gold medalist and multiple tennis grand slam champion. 

A select number of clients have signed up to participate in RecruitAble.  Randstad and participating customers have completed training so that we are confident to recruit people with disability and confident to provide reasonable adjustments to the recruitment process so that you feel comfortable to apply for a job in the knowledge that we can support you to put your best self forward.  The managers and teams providing RecruitAble employment opportunities have also completed training to ensure that they are providing an inclusive environment where people with disability feel welcome and valued - because we all deserve to feel like we belong.


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Why be part of RecruitAble?

What are the advantages?

The RecruitAble pilot is specifically designed to place people with disability into meaningful employment with participating clients. Randstad and our partner clients recognise and value the skills and attributes that people with disability contribute to an organisation.

You will be well supported through the recruitment process because to you can feel confident through the recruitment process because:

  • Randstad consultants working on the pilot program have all undertaken specific training on how to recruit more inclusively and better support people with disability  
  • Randstad consultants will be confident in providing reasonable adjustments through the recruitment process and working to enable people with disability to put their best selves forward
  • participating clients who have made a conscious decision to opt-in as they want to be more inclusive employers
  • participating client internal recruitment teams and hiring managers have also completed the training 
  • you can feel safe and comfortable to ask questions that you perhaps wouldn’t typically ask

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