job scam alert.

Please be aware that there are people in no way connected to the Randstad Group who pretend to be part of the Randstad organisation.

Without our permission, they:

  • Pose as a recruiter of a Randstad company by contacting people about a “suitable position” (either a genuine vacancy offered through Randstad or a fake one); or
  • Try to tempt people to contact them by posting phony job advertisements on websites using the name of a Randstad brand.

The people concerned request their potential victims to provide them with personal information and to make payments. It must be noted that no Randstad brand will ever ask for a price or a copy of a debit or credit card from a candidate during the recruitment process.

if at any time during your job search you come into doubt about the job opportunity, there are steps you can take to verify the legitimacy of the role:

  • Contact the recruitment agency directly with the official contact details and ask about the consultant and job.
  • Contact the potential employer directly to see if the role being offered exists.

If you suspect that you are a target of a job scam or have already been scammed, reach out to your local authorities immediately to report the crime.

By filing a report with the local authorities, you are helping us raise awareness of job scams and protecting your family and friends from becoming victims of scams.