great employers make the interview process a powerful and enjoyable process for all involved, no matter the outcome.

Man and woman talking in an office
Man and woman talking in an office

Here's what it takes. 

Why are some job interviews awkward or even confronting, while others are enjoyable and empowering? How is it that some candidates, even though unsuccessful in their application, come away from the process as brand advocates?

Great employers put thought into every aspect of the interview, from the conversation to what happens before the interview and over the following days or weeks.

Here are some of their secrets.

follow up with the people who didn't get an interview

With any hire, there are always several suitable quality applicants who weren't selected for an interview. Following up with these people is a great protocol, as they are all potential future hires who will continue to expand their experience and knowledge elsewhere.

They might also know other candidates for future roles.

show candidates around

An interview needn't be conducted away from the eyes and ears of the team they could work with. Show the candidate around and introduce them to various team members.

Please give them a feel for the people and the space to help them imagine working in the business and allow you to observe how they interact with existing team members.

be curious about values and long-term goals

It's vital to determine whether a person can do the job, but it's just as essential to determining whether they'll fit in with your business.

Their values and life goals will significantly influence how they develop in the role and affect and relate to those around them, so spend some time finding out about what inspires them.

don't drag your feet

If your hiring process drags out for months, you will likely lose your strongest candidates to competitors. The quicker you do your due diligence and make an offer, the higher the likelihood you'll get your first-choice candidate.

make an informed, respectful offer

Bring the entire compensation plan into focus when finding a balance between what a candidate would like and what the organisation can afford.

Begin by respecting the skills and value the candidate will bring to the role, and enhance their salary with holiday time, job title, various allowances, bonuses, memberships and other benefits to demonstrate your appreciation of the person's value.

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