From AI to gamification, tech is dramatically changing the recruitment process, the role of the recruiter and the chance of candidates finding that perfect job.

When you’re searching for your next job, it’s important that you’re paired with not only the right role but the right role in the right company.

More than ever before, technology is being used to bring a huge element of ‘science’ to help achieve that – complement the ‘art’ of understanding the significant nuances that exist when you’re dealing with person to person relationships.

The process of finding your perfect job is frequently being helped by the use of artificial intelligence – AI. Whether you know it or not, you most likely come into contact with AI every day – think Siri, music suggestions on Spotify recommended viewing on Netflix, or suggested purchases on Amazon.

Algorithms make predictions on what you may be interested in by the learnings they record based on your behaviour and, increasingly, AI is being used for your job search to become significantly more educated and relevant.

how technology will improve the process

You’ll no doubt be accustomed to dealing with customer service chatbots for a variety of things online, and they are being used to good effect in recruitment, too. A big part of their role at the moment is in the screening process. From the answers you provide, they continually learn more about you and other candidates, and can automatically assess your suitability for the role, and the role’s suitability for you.

Candidates are then emailed some standard follow-up questions, and the responses are sent back to the recruiter. Simple, but effective.

Another technology that’s proving very effective in changing the recruitment process is Pymetrics software. Candidates play games and tackle challenges, which are then scored by AI, rather than a human. The challenges that are undertaken measure different values and skills, so for example a game may measure your generosity, or ability to keep calm, or your strategic thinking.

It can match your traits to certain types of occupation, and can even partner you with your best-matched consultant for you to work with on planning your next move.

So while the bots aren’t creating cover letters and resumes from keywords in job ads, sending them off and attending the interviews for you just yet, the reality is, there is an awful lot they are – and will be able – to do.

AI is becoming increasingly pervasive and it’s accessible to everyone, what we’re seeing today is just the start of a significantly better experience for you when you’re looking for a new job, and for companies who are recruiting too.

don’t lose touch

But ultimately, the technology’s use is limited if you haven’t got a real person interpreting and understanding the data it produces.

People are comfortable interacting with technology early on in the job hunt, and that’s a good thing. Machine learning, or the ‘virtual recruiter’, is there to build up a very thorough understanding of your skills and experience, ensuring you’re matched with the most suitable roles – and employers – possible. They’ll also make sure you always hear something back on every single job application you send.

By the time the bots hand your application back to the recruiter, they will have all the information they need to help you make the most informed next step in your career.

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