Fifty-seven per cent of candidates say that the recruitment process has become overly transactional, impersonal and automated.

It may sound counterintuitive, but technology could be the answer to improving the candidate experience.

here are four ways tech is doing just that.

Man listening to music in a cafe with people talking in the back
Man listening to music in a cafe with people talking in the back

technology speeds up the waiting game

Here at Randstad, we're doing some exploratory work with chatbots, and when this technology soon transcends the explorative into reality, it will help speed up the recruitment process. 

Chatbots can identify whether you have the requisite skills and attributes for a job role and fast-track you to the later stages of the recruitment process.

It'll mean you get instant feedback about your suitability for a position, so you aren't left wondering if you're going to be put forward for an interview or not. 

One of the most frustrating things about applying for a job is waiting to hear back or, worse, never hearing back about your application's outcome.

Chatbots will soon create a far more helpful, fast-tracked recruitment experience for everyone concerned. 

technology puts you in control

Technology is helping recruiters make career planning and job seeking accessible to you on your terms. We know it's not convenient to talk to a recruiter or an employer about a job when you're working in a job.

Yet, traditionally, these conversations are expected to occur Monday to Friday, between 9 am and 5 pm. 

In the shape of chatbots and chat events, we're exploring ways to make the job search significantly more accessible, allowing you to make yourself available at a time that's convenient to you. 


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technology enables you to get greater insight into a company

We're using more and more videos in job adverts because it's a great way to offer job seekers a sneak peek into what it would be like working in a particular job at a particular company.

companies can use video to show off their offices, culture and people. 

Imagine how beneficial it would be to see and hear your prospective manager talk about what they are looking for in a candidate and describe the reality of the role. You will be far more informed when you come to apply than you would have been otherwise.

This significantly increases the quality of your job search. You cannot get that depth of understanding from a flat, text-only job ad, but technology makes that insight a reality.

technology makes the process more objective than ever before

At Randstad, we're gradually introducing Pymetrics across our business, making the whole experience of applying and being assessed for a job much more objective. 

Pymetrics is a recruiting tool that uses neuroscience to assess cognitive and emotional traits through online games and tasks you complete. The results enable us to make better matches with companies and roles and set you up for ongoing career success. 

so how does it work?

Pymetrics is based on the premise that you create a model of your top performers, generating an aggregate view of what great looks like in your company

As an applicant, you're then measured against that model based on your abilities – this adds a more profound, fairer element of information to the selection process.

It means you won't be judged as a profile, a piece of paper or how good you are at selling your skills in your resume. Technology is enabling you just to be yourself. 

We're using Pymetrics to great success in hiring our own Randstad team of recruiters. It's helping us pinpoint the best people who genuinely want to place candidates into the right roles for them.

This technology is putting the onus back onto us as an employer and creating the best work environment for our people.


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