At Randstad, we are committed to becoming the world's most specialised and equitable talent company. On White Ribbon Day, we take a stand against domestic violence, recognising the alarming statistics: one in two Australian women has experienced sexual harassment, and family violence remains a leading cause of serious injury, disability, and tragedy.

Here's a breakdown of the three crucial levels to address this pervasive issue:

1. stopping the issue before it starts

  • Primary prevention is about getting ahead of the problem and preventing violence from occurring in the first place.
  • Our approach extends across communities, organisations, and society, addressing the deep-seated drivers behind such behaviour.
  • By focusing on education and awareness, we strive to eliminate the roots of violence.
A man and woman engaged in a conversation
A man and woman engaged in a conversation

2. early intervention for a safer tomorrow

  • Secondary prevention acts as an early intervention strategy, aiming to stop the escalation of violence when early signs emerge.
  • Success is measured when violence is avoided or halted – this could mean a victim leaving a violent relationship or the perpetrator ceasing their abusive behaviour.
  • Early identification and intervention play a pivotal role in breaking the cycle of violence.

3. putting an end to existing violence

  • Tertiary prevention comes into play when recurring violence exists, aiming to stop it altogether or minimise its impacts through direct intervention.
  • This work directly supports primary and secondary prevention efforts, contributing to a comprehensive strategy against domestic violence.
  • By intervening directly, we work towards creating a safer environment for everyone affected.

Our collective efforts at all three levels of prevention are crucial to breaking the silence surrounding domestic violence. Together, we shape communities, foster awareness, and actively work towards creating a safer world. On White Ribbon Day and every day, let's stand united against domestic violence.

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