What Do Aussies Want from Their Bosses?

What truly drives Australian workers in their quest for the perfect job? Are employers meeting their needs or falling short? We've delved deep into the minds of job seekers and uncovered fascinating insights that shed light on what makes Australian workplaces tick in 2024.

Our journey into the hearts and minds of Australian employees has revealed some significant insights. Here's what we found.

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Top 10 Priorities of Australian Workers

Here's what Aussie talent prioritises when weighing their options for their next career move:

  1. Work-life Balance
  2. Attractive Salary & Benefits
  3. Job Security
  4. Good Training
  5. Equity
  6. Pleasant Work Atmosphere
  7. Strong Management
  8. Career Progression
  9. Location
  10. Financial Health of Organisation

But do Australian companies meet these expectations? 

These priorities speak volumes about what makes a workplace desirable. But, alas, there's often a gap between what employees crave and what employers deliver. Let's dissect the top five gaps and how we can bridge them:

Work-Life Balance: 

Striking the perfect balance between work and life seems elusive for many. The solution? Embrace flexible work arrangements, champion anti-burnout policies, and provide unwavering support from management.

Attractive Salary & Benefits: 

In an era of soaring living costs, fair compensation is non-negotiable. Regular salary reviews, transparent pay structures, and merit-based promotions can ease this concern.

Job Security: 

While stability is valued, uncertainty looms large. It's time for open dialogue about the company's future to nurture trust and confidence.

Group of people having a meeting, in a room with glass windows
Group of people having a meeting, in a room with glass windows

Good Training: 

Professional growth is a must, yet training often falls short. Tailored development programs and proactive promotion of learning opportunities can bridge this gap.


Fairness isn't just a buzzword; it's a necessity. From gender pay equality to diversity initiatives, fostering an inclusive culture is paramount.

Crafting the Future of Work

Armed with these insights, employers hold the power to shape workplaces that not only attract but also retain top talent. Ready to dive deeper into our findings? Download the full report and equip yourself with the knowledge to transform your workplace. Download the full research here.

And for those seeking a job that aligns with your values, explore our curated job listings. Because in 2024 and beyond, the key to workplace satisfaction lies in finding the perfect match between employee desires and employer offerings.

Join us on the journey to unlocking workplace satisfaction and reshaping the future of work, one satisfied employee at a time.

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