when a staff member leaves your business, you have an opportunity to create a lasting relationship. 

employability - people in a row in various color combinations. Please use the background color as indicated in the file name.
employability - people in a row in various color combinations. Please use the background color as indicated in the file name.

Few Australian industries are large enough to claim that a staff member who leaves will never return. Many industries repeatedly see people rotating throughout their businesses at various levels of experience and seniority.

Every leaver has had time and money invested in them by the business. Innovative companies expect to experience a further return on that investment sometime in the future.

Make the leaving experience a good one, and that person will likely remember your employer value proposition as a positive one. But create bad blood, or make no effort, and your entire investment could be wasted.

here are three things to think about when planning a positive withdrawal for a staff member.

Corporate work colleagues
Corporate work colleagues

make the exit interview count

An exit interview is not just about why the staff member left, it should be a discussion about the person’s entire experience of the business.

Why were they attracted in the first place? Did the business live up to its brand promise? If not, why not?

What has changed during their time with the business and what would bring them back? Don’t only focus on the negatives, but also discuss the good experiences.

act on exit interview findings

In order to continue to develop your business, it is vital to act on information from exit interviews. Find where dissatisfaction came from and address the problem. It is likely the leaver will hear of the changes once they've left, making them more likely to one day return, as they realise the business is constantly improving and that their concerns didn't fall on deaf ears.

a final word

On the person’s final day, a senior leader should personally discuss with the leaver the value that they've brought to the business and the reason they will be missed. Let the leaver know they are always welcome to discuss a return to the business later in their career.

In other words, create a warm relationship that will always be remembered – then do your best to stay in touch.

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