What are the biggest challenges you face concerning your contingent workforce? What are the implications of this?

Identifying the most critical problems you are facing and deciding what you need to do are crucial in developing a tailored solution for your business.

Here’s a list showing some of the most common challenges companies face today with their flexible workforce. If you experience one of the issues below Randstad Inhouse Services can help.

contingent workforce challenges that randstad solves.

    Corporate work colleagues
    Corporate work colleagues
    • Developing a contingent workforce strategy
    • The need to reduce costs
    • Management of contingent workers
    • Planning your workforce to deal with production fluctuations 
    • Unable to recruit suitable candidates
    • No centralised hiring process
    • Unable to fully utilise technology in the recruitment process
    • Meeting quality, speed and flexibility requirements in production
    • The need for tailored solutions

    the randstad way to genuine change.

    Knowing what you can expect from Randstad In-house Services and our approach to achieving your desired outcome is crucial when considering a partner. Let’s explain how Randstad likes to work. If you think this sounds like a good fit, talk to us about the challenges you are facing. We can begin the process of developing your customised solution today. 

    A man working in his workspace
    A man working in his workspace

    what you can expect.

    • Dedicated in-house account team: You’ll benefit from having a complete in-house package, thanks to a team comprising an account specialist, commercial manager and process engineer. Our team will give you the right resources to meet your priorities. We’ll achieve this by conducting a detailed analysis, mapping potential solutions and setting up the right processes. Being in-house means stronger relationships between the production team, workers and HR. 
    • Alignment of KPI’s to match your objectives: Meeting your objectives is only possible by working together to set KPIs. You’ll have regular communications, so you know Randstad are solving your challenges.
    • Committed cost-saving program with tracking of savings: You’ll see a tangible difference to your bottom line. You can expect to see savings of at least 3-5% in the first year alone. 

    our approach.

    • An integrated method – considering fixed personnel and flexible workers. Optimising the strategy and performance of both is essential to solving your challenges.
    • A holistic perspective - finding the right solution for you means considering the whole company. A comprehensive analysis will be conducted using inputs from across the business. The approach will focus on creating a solution for your business, rather than focusing solely on the production or manufacturing department.
    • Tailored solutions – to meet the challenges your company is facing. The design of your solution will be built on your culture, vision, operational objectives and your organisation.
    • Planning and process management – to ensure processes are optimised and efficiencies are made.
    • Continuous improvement - ongoing analysis of the way of working and the results, that result in proposed improvements and changes to adopt. 


    • 100% fulfilment of orders
    • Achieving KPIs and goals
    • Cost savings
    • Increase productivity
    • Lower absenteeism

    tailored solutions for you.

    The challenges you are facing are unique to you and your company, so they require a customised solution. Randstad In-house Services are experts in developing and delivering tailored solutions.

    The first step is to have an initial conversation with an expert who can listen to the issues you are facing.


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