the situation.

This automotive and energy company aiming to change the industry is notably different from its competitors in their marketing, production, sales and technology strategies.

To meet production demands and remain a top player in the market, the customer sought a partnership with a staffing company that does more than fill vacancies.

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find a suitable candidate

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the solution.

Randstad proposed the idea of creating a flexible and mobile talent pool. Internal training was offered for both temporary workers and full-time staff, to utilise and optimise already trained employees and move them to other areas of the business as needed.

Another solution offering was to place all workers, again both temporary and full-time employees, in in-service locations perhaps even abroad. These employees would spend a few weeks sharing knowledge and cross-training at service locations in other markets.

Another “win” of the solution implementation was cross-client planning; the understanding between Randstad and the customer that the temporary employees left with no work during ‘down-time’, would be assigned to other Randstad clients temporarily with the promise to the customer that they will return.

In this way, the solution was a win-win for everyone; the customer, Randstad, and of course the temporary employee who maintained consistent work.

As the customer and Randstad committed to these options as a solution to engage and retain their staff, both companies surged forward in a tightening partnership.