An employee has taken extended sick leave, parental leave or you need more hands-on-deck to assist in a one-off project. Don't panic, a contractor can save the day or the following six months.

these are a number of reasons to choose a contractor over hiring permanent staff.


Hiring contractor staff presents a low-risk alternative to hiring permanent staff in times of uncertainty.  

fill the gap

A contractor can complete a project in a timely fashion, while you are in the process of hiring an additional permanent staff member.

Currently, a number of good contractors are seeking work, so the talent pool is highly skilled and rates relatively affordable.

hit the ground running

A contractor is able to hit the ground running and won't be distracted by office politics or issues within the organisation. This ensures that your team will continue to run smoothly.

It also allows you to focus on bigger picture HR and strategic issues while putting the best structure in place for the future. 

highly motivated

Good contractors are highly motivated to complete projects on time and to a high standard. They want to keep their reputations intact too and get more referrals.

To successfully hire a contractor, similarly to any other employee, it’s vital to find someone who displays a strong cultural and technical fit. Your candidate interview process should incorporate a range of behavioural-based questions to gauge the candidate’s values, motives, attitude to work and work ethics.

Reference checks would also confirm their performance and work style.

these are the key questions you need to answer:

can they do the job?

  • Yes, the candidate has the necessary skills and experience that match the position’s key performance criteria.

will they do the job well?

  • Yes, the candidate has the desire to do the job and will commit to all of the position requirements. 

will they fit in?

  • Yes, the candidate’s track record, experience, personality and expectations are compatible with the position and the organisation’s manager.

Importantly, while you are hiring a contractor, don't forget about your current staff.

This is a great time to run stay interviews to determine whether your existing staff are happy and their career is heading in the right direction.

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