Finding peace of mind with the right employer

With uncertainty and anxiety at an all-time high due to rising living costs, finding an attractive employer can bring peace of mind to many Aussies. Our annual research into the most attractive workplaces has revealed that, among the things Aussies want from an employer, work-life balance, attractive salary and benefits, and job security take top priority.

In this blog, we will reveal the top 5 companies that Aussies have voted as the most desirable employers to work for, based on their ability to meet employees' needs.

Let’s delve into the top 5 and why these employers rose above the rest to make their mark as Australia’s Most Attractive Employers for 2024.

5. G8 Education

G8 Education, a repeated winner of the Randstad Awards and a leader in early learning education, holds the fifth spot. This company is highly valued for its financial stability, work-life balance, and excellent reputation. In an industry where emotional and physical investment is substantial, these attributes significantly contribute to its sustained popularity and attractiveness as an employer.

4. Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia, a leading Australian airline, has topped the Randstad Award multiple times over the past 24 years. The airline maintains its allure as a top employer due to its financial health, attractive compensation packages, and beneficial locations. Its consistent presence in the top ranks speaks to ongoing excellence in employee satisfaction and public perception.

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3. NSW Department of Communities & Justice

This government department, serving crucial public needs, advanced from 11th to third place this year. Its attractiveness is built on long-term job security, career progression, and competitive salaries and benefits. These factors are critical in sectors where public perception and the impact of services are directly felt by the community.

2. IAG Australia

Securing the second spot, this multinational insurance giant jumped significantly from last year's Top 40. IAG Australia's financial robustness, job security, and stellar reputation likely drew a great deal of public and professional favour. Its rise in the rankings highlights its strong employer brand and commitment to employee satisfaction.

1. Deloitte

Rising dramatically from a position in the Top 40 last year, Deloitte’s journey to the summit is a testament to its robust strategic initiatives in audit and consulting services. Deloitte’s focus on financial health, career progression opportunities, and convenient and strategic locations has resonated powerfully with the Australian workforce, catapulting them to the top of Randstad’s prestigious list in 2024. This notable achievement highlights Deloitte’s dedication to excellence and showcases its remarkable strides in enhancing its employer brand.

Explore the Full Top 20 List

This year's Top 20 includes a diverse mix of industries, from government departments and healthcare services to mining, financial services, entertainment, and travel. Each organisation demonstrates unique attributes that make them standout employers. Companies like Australia Post, a leader in postal and financial services, and Thiess, a mining giant dedicated to sustainability, underscore that appealing employer brands exist across different sectors, each offering unique opportunities and benefits that resonate with today’s workforce.

Want to know who the rest of the winners are? Download the full top 20 list here.

Download the full Employer Brand Research here

Join us in celebrating the companies that are making a difference in the lives of Australian workers, and discover what makes them the most attractive employers of 2024.

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