For anyone who has worked in the Government sector, you will be familiar with the term “caretaker period”. This is the period which commences immediately after an election is called and extends up to the point at which a new Government is formally appointed. Following the dissolution of parliament, the Government assumes a “caretaker” role and avoids major policy decisions during this time. 

A woman in white working for the public sector
A woman in white working for the public sector

At Randstad, we know this period can come with uncertainty for our candidates seeking work in the sector, and currently in temporary assignments. With NSW in caretaker period ahead of the State election on the 25th March, we wanted to share our top tips to help you navigate this time:

  • Operate on the premise of business as usual: For the most part, roles are not impacted and continue operating business as usual. If you are in a role where significant decisions need to be made, for example around policy, ensure you discuss with your leadership group your obligations and any expected delays.  
  • Expect delays: We find that recruitment remains quite busy during this time, and that is certainly our experience in NSW/ What you might find in this period, is delays in the recruitment process.  Caretaker period creates new priorities for government departments, meaning hiring in areas such as projects and initiatives can be tricky, so prepare for any recruitment in these areas to be delayed and be patient. 
  • Be aware of your obligations: If you are currently working in Government, make sure you are aware of any obligations or conventions during this period that you must adhere to, such as working with political neutrality. Be sure to have this conversation with your manager.
  • Keep connected - Stay connected to similar professionals in the public sector in your network. Share insights and information during this time which can help you and your network stay abreast of what is happening. As a candidate seeking employment, this could shape your applications moving forward. 
  • This is standard process - Caretaker mode is not new and does not mean that roles will not proceed or that temporary assignments will end. It may mean delays, but experience tells us that once the election result is finalised, work quickly resumes. 
  • Speak to Randstad or your hiring manager: Keep open communication with your hiring manager or with your Randstad consultant if you are concerned at any stage about continuity in your role. We are here to help you navigate this period.

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