Interviews one-on-one can already be intimidating, but they are even more so when you're put in the same room with every applicant going after the same position. In today's competitive talent market, more and more employers are using group interviews to speed up the hiring process.

Interviewers are just looking for the sort of person they would want to work with.

So how can applicants ensure they shine in group interviews?

demonstrate your people skills. 

A man and a woman discussing things
A man and a woman discussing things

Firstly, applicants must highlight their ability to work well with everyone in the room. Overconfidence and dominant behaviour may not attract the attention you're looking for, whereas demonstrating relationship building with other candidates and incorporating this with open body language will. 


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study their company values.

Secondly, it's essential to consider what the organisation's beliefs are. Embodying these values shows that the applicant has thoughtfully prepared for the role and that they fit into the company's culture.

The interviewers are evaluating whether they will be able to contribute positively to their business, so they're far more likely to hire the applicant that genuinely aligns with their company values. One of the best impressions any interviewee can make is demonstrating their understanding of the company's story and culture. 

show your leadership skills.

Thirdly, if an applicant is interviewed alongside other potential candidates, it can be advantageous to lead rather than follow. But here is the catch: leading well also involves listening and responding respectfully when people have differing thoughts. 

Whilst applicants don't want to blend into the background by being overly quiet. They also don't want to be memorable for the wrong reasons, like being someone who spoke over everyone. Make sure all points of view are heard to make balanced and collaborative decisions and impress the interviewers.

show your communication skills.

A woman and a man talking inside the office
A woman and a man talking inside the office

Fourthly, applicants should make sure they highlight their communication skills. The ability to properly articulate thoughts and unpack complex ideas is desirable to interviewers, especially if the workplace has frequent inter-departmental discussions. 

Fortunately, a group interview is a perfect place to show that you're comfortable and sensitive to communicating with different people. As well as allowing time to talk to everyone in the room, take the time to listen to everyone's viewpoints, and comment on them accordingly. If an applicant does this, it'll show that they were paying attention, rather than nodding and thinking about lunch or anything else.

make a connection.

To separate themselves from the crowd, applicants could also try to connect personally with their interviewer. Whether it be a talk about sports or raising a family, an interview is more than just your skills but all dimensions of your personality, career goals and aspirations. 

Aim to be the most memorable applicant in the room for the interviewers. Of course, don't forget the basics such as dressing for the job you want and arriving on time or a little early.

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