Shaping young futures

In Australia there are over 250,000 young people who are not engaged in education and who are not employed.

That’s a youth unemployment rate that is more than double the national average.

The issue of youth unemployment is not confined to certain socio economic groups, it is hurting the prospects of all young people, in all communities and whilst it hits hardest in rural communities and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, it is also impacting graduates from Australia’s more affluent suburbs and cities.

The Federal Government’s Intergenerational Report has shown us that whilst our population is getting larger, our workforce is getting smaller due to our ageing population. Therefore it is going to be essential to your business success that you connect with the next generation of your workforce. The Randstad shaping young futures program will help you to do just that.

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The Randstad shaping young futures program

At Randstad we are investing in our next generation of workers – young Australians of today.

In 2015 Randstad launched the shaping young futures program to help young Australians make the transition from education into employment. Using our recruitment expertise Randstad consultants will work directly with these young jobseekers.