what is a project administrator?

As a project administrator, you are an administrative professional. Your role is to handle repetitive administrative tasks to free up the project manager's time. You take care of the daily functions of the project by overseeing teams and managing resources. Some of your duties include preparing for, reporting on and analysing projects. For instance, you prepare regular reports on the project's progress and help project managers prepare for presentations. Your functions ensure the smooth running of a project since you keep the team updated on any changes.

Project administrators assist with staff supervision by planning meetings to discuss project progress. You prepare the work schedules and assign tasks to team members. You also liaise with contractors and keep in touch with suppliers to ensure the project has the necessary resources. Your job involves quality assurance, such as ensuring the team complies with the required regulations.

The construction and mining industries are significant employers of project administrators. Manufacturing and technology companies also rely on project administrators to oversee some projects. Companies that run multiple projects and programmes rely on project administrators to ensure they run smoothly.

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average salary of a project administrator

A project administrator earns an average remuneration package of $73,000 per year. The earnings fluctuate depending on factors like experience and qualifications. The lowest-paid project administrator earns $65,000 annually, while the highest-paid project administrators take home over $80,000 yearly.

what factors affect the salary of a project administrator?

In most companies, your remuneration package depends on your working hours; full-time employees have higher salaries since they work more than part-time employees. Taking up overtime work as a project administrator improves your remuneration prospects since overtime hours attract higher hourly rates.

The business sector also affects your remuneration package. Working as a project administrator on construction or mining projects attracts competitive salaries due to the demand in these sectors. Project administrators working in corporate settings usually earn less than those in IT companies. The project's scope and complexity also influence your earnings as a project administrator. Large-scale projects attract a higher salary than small-scale projects.

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types of project administrators

The types of project administrators depend on the business sectors they work in, including:

  • it project administrators: as an IT project administrator, you work with project teams to develop or upgrade existing IT systems. The projects usually involve software development or telecommunications and network systems upgrades. Your job is to ensure the team achieves the desired milestones and to prepare reports for the relevant stakeholders.
  • construction project administrators: as a construction project administrator, you work behind the scenes to complete construction projects. You don't oversee on-site operations but focus on administrative tasks. For instance, you manage contracts with suppliers and subcontractors and track project estimates. You also handle invoices and keep track of the budget.
types of project administrators
types of project administrators

working as a project administrator

A project administrator usually performs administrative duties on large projects regardless of the industry. If you have the skills for the role, read on to explore your responsibilities, work environments and job prospects.


education and skills

Tertiary education is not mandatory for project administrators, but the following qualifications improve your expertise:

  • vet qualification: pursue a VET qualification like Certificate IV in project management practice to learn basic project management skills. A diploma in project management also improves your skills and opens up more opportunities. To take up senior roles in an organisation, you require a bachelor's degree in business. Consider completing a project management professional certification to improve your career prospects.
  • experience: you require project administration experience to land high-paying roles in the profession. Start with entry-level jobs like administrative assistant or work in project teams to gain experience. You can also develop your managerial skills with a graduate certificate in project management and move into project manager roles.

skills and competencies

Successful project administrators rely on technical knowledge and soft skills, such as:

  • administrative skills: administrative skills like filing, responding to correspondence and managing supplies are crucial as a project administrator. Administrative skills help you complete your duties and keep projects running smoothly. Improving your organisational skills is vital to ensure tasks are completed on time.
  • computer skills: you rely on project management software to oversee a project's progress and keep track of team activities. You also need computer skills for various tasks like budgeting and writing reports.
  • teamwork skills: you require teamwork skills to collaborate with others for a project's success. When you are a good teammate, you practise empathy, good communication and humility to promote inclusivity.
  • self-motivation: as a project administrator, you work under minimal supervision from the project manager. Self-motivation helps you push yourself to complete the work on time and hold yourself accountable for mistakes.

FAQs about working as a project administrator

Here are the most asked questions about working as a project administrator:

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