Companies everywhere are having to adapt to the COVID-19 outbreak. Whether it’s resizing, reshuffling or just trying to stay afloat, a recruitment agency can help your organisation get it’s bearings. The big question is, are they worth it? Read on to judge for yourself and see what a recruitment agency can actually bring to the table.

what is a recruitment agency?

At the simplest level, a recruitment agency is an organisation that matches potential employees with employers. A recruitment consultant’s main aim is to help companies discover and retain the top talent on the market, usually specialising in industry-specific staffing. Randstad has been staffing since 1960 and is a global leader in temporary, permanent and high-volume placements. Our own approach to recruitment is one focused on accessibility, personalisation, efficiency and our unique human touch.

what are the benefits of using a recruitment agency for companies?

It’s no surprise that saving time and resources comes in at number one for most companies utilising a recruitment agency. With the onus lifted from their shoulders, organisations are able to focus on day to day business, as well as larger scale projects, instead of wasting time shuffling through resumes and scheduling interviews. When it comes time to make that big decision, companies can rest easy knowing that the candidates on offer are ready to go.

The fact that most recruiters, like those at Randstad, specialise in a specific industry is another enormous plus. These agencies’ consultants know their industry inside and out, understand the lingo and are on top of ongoing trends. Their expert knowledge can be translated not only into securing the top talent, but advice on retaining and utilising this talent in ways that companies might not have previously considered.

Going hand in hand with specialisation is the extensive network that agencies provide access to. Vastness of these talent pools aside, the vetting and checking that agencies perform for their own effectiveness means that the professionals they consider are guaranteed to be of the highest calibre. Still, reach remains important. Recruitment agencies, for example, have the expertise to encourage ‘passive candidates’ to consider a career change where smaller companies might not. Having this intermediary comes in handy not only for negotiating in tricky situations but for managing a company’s overall employer brand.

what other services can Randstad offer?

Although it’s true that making matches between candidates and clients is the name of the game, recruitment agencies have more to offer than most expect. At Randstad, our mission is to shape the world of work, and that’s what our services set out to do.

inhouse services

Randstad’s Inhouse Services have been designed to assist companies with a flexible, temporary workforce. For businesses with constantly changing workloads and demands, Randstad customises contingent workforce management solutions tailored to operational objectives and staffing needs, all with a focus on optimising process management and cost-efficiency while mitigating risk.

randstad sourceright’s managed service provider (MSP) and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)

Randstad Sourceright’s focus is on total talent architecture, acquisition and management solutions which are deliverable through outsourcing programs across the world. Managed Services Programs (MSP) provide access to the contingent talent, insights and data needed to build and develop the right MSP model for different businesses.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) can support companies’ permanent workforce hiring through a comprehensive set of external recruitment resources. Sourceright also offers Freelancer Management Systems (FMS) to organise and directly connect to a flexible freelancer talent pool that isn’t available through the supplier community, as well as Sourceright payroll services.

randstad technologies

Randstad Technologies has a 25-year long track record of connecting companies with technology talent and customised solutions, in everything from hardware and software implementation to introducing enhanced operating systems. The largest technology talent and solutions provider globally, Randstad Technologies has four focus areas: consulting, projects, staff augmentation and recruitment solutions.

randstad technology solutions (RTS)

Randstad Technology Solutions (RTS) consults to secure business success, with a program built on three key pillars - digital transformation, process optimisation and automation, and technology sustainability - without being limited to a single capability or discipline. Consulting services assess where a business currently is and where it needs to be, providing ongoing support while a time and budget effective solution is implemented.


RiseSmart provides businesses with tailored transition services for organisational and demographic change such as redeployment, redundancy, retirement and large transformation projects.With RiseSmart, impacted employees are given the expert assistance needed to succeed in their career transitions via customised redeployment and outplacement programs.

talent assessment and development

Randstad’s talent assessment and development strategy applies a data-driven approach to reviewing clients’ existing recruitment practices, outlining current strengths and pain points while creating a roadmap for enhancing the process. Here, Randstad partners with organisations in four main areas: recruitment process reviews, success profiling, bureau assessment and assessment centre design.

volume assessment centres

Randstad’s assessment centre methodology can be tailored to assess either external talent or existing employees from a development or transformative perspective. Centres are customised to align with each businesses’ critical success factors and finding the ideal candidate is made easy with the backing of automatic scoring and merit ranking to ensure consistency and rigour in the process. Areas of specialisation include simulated environment/business scenario assessment centres, graduate recruitment, development centres for an organisation’s current workforce, volume projects and transformation projects.

occupational health assessment services

Randstad's Occupational Health services include pre-employment functional assessments, functional capacity evaluations, medical assessments, drug and alcohol testing, audiometric, and spirometry testing. Additionally on offer are a number of worksite and workplace assessments, and early intervention and injury management services. In conjunction with Bakjac Consulting, Randstad is also able to conduct mental health pre-employment assessments and works to promote mental and physical wellbeing.