effective recruitment is a major contributor to the success of your company.

It's an involved and challenging process, and getting it wrong can be costly.

Writing the initial job ad, interviewing and testing all require your time as an employer. But it's a process that you certainly can't rush.

if the hire goes wrong, you face:

  • The cost of termination and replacement
  • Productivity losses
  • Impact on the organisation’s bottom line
  • Implications for the morale of current employees 

More than a third of Australian workers say they plan to leave their job within the next 12 months, and more than six out of 10 job seekers use recruitment agencies or head-hunters to do so. 

A recruitment consultant will work with your organisation to:

  • Build a thorough understanding of the specific nature and requirements of the position, including evaluating competencies, experience, salary, benefits and career opportunities.
  • Evaluate which candidate has both the right technical and interpersonal skills for the post by getting to know their history, requirements, goals and vision. 
  • Identify perfect match candidates by using the latest, psychology-based methods and the best scientifically-validated range of psychometric assessments.

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Regardless of size, every organisation can benefit from having a recruiter assist in the hiring process. Recruiters have unique knowledge of both sides of the labour market – candidates and employers – and are able to match the right people with the right organisation. 

The recruitment industry plays a vital role in enabling businesses and public sector organisations to anticipate and develop the skills, operational flexibility and higher productivity needed to adapt to evolving organisational demands. This also helps improve the labour market by moving workers to more productive roles and more satisfying job matches. 

Specialist recruiters such as Randstad have an in-depth understanding of the needs within specific industries and can fill immediate requirements – sometimes on the same day. They can also develop customised strategies for addressing longer-term talent.

Trust is the bedrock of the partnerships recruiters forge with both employers and candidates. Developing and sustaining this trust means taking time to understand individual employers’ needs and each candidate’s unique capability, personality and aspirations.

Research is also one of Randstad’s strengths. They invest in highly-relevant market research studies, combined with a wide-ranging client and candidate consulting services to provide a unique 360-degree perspective. 

Unlike most recruiters, Randstad’s consultants can be responsible for both employer engagement and candidate selection, which means they are best placed to meet both employers’ and candidates’ demands. 


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