Randstad Technologies is a market-leading recruiter. With an impressive list of clients to partner with entrepreneurial career opportunities, it's an exciting place to work. The business attracts top recruiters who enjoy building relationships and thrive in an entrepreneurial environment.

Here's how. 

what's your hiring process like for experienced recruiters? 

Our process for hiring is about forming a relationship, like many things at Randstad Technologies. Rather than look at specific experiences, we want to get to know you. Your desires, wants and drivers. Where you've come from and where you want to take your career.

For a select few, the final stage interview is a 1:1 meeting where I learn more about you.

From your brand to your technical knowledge, how this can fit with our approach of delivering exceptional business to create the best outcomes for our customers. Our focus on relationships and entrepreneurship might not be for everyone, but we want those who are up for the challenge.  

when you evaluate experienced recruiters, what do you look for? 

The key attributes we look for inexperienced recruiters include customer-centricity, individual drive and a passion for producing quality work. Randstad Technologies is a relationship-based business known for delighting clients with quality shortlists, great candidates and valued counsel.

Often are best recruitment consultants are not the ones who only delight in ringing the sales bell but love to spend the time learning more about their client's business and understanding candidates' career aspirations. Those with an innate curiosity to know more have the stuff we're looking for. 

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how do you make sure they are customer-centric focused?

We emphasize one-on-one time with our clients and candidates. Randstad Technologies recruitment consultants are keen to get out and meet their customers. It's crucial for accurate briefings that our people spend time with their clients to learn what drives their business forward.

We take time with our candidates because we want them to succeed - nurturing them along every step of their career journey. We see the value in connections rather than transactional relationships. 

if you want to drive a high-performance recruitment team, what's the best way to do this? 

We focus on the total needs of our customers. We don't have a traditional 360 model, as our account managers are set up to align with our client's business at every stage. Randstad Technologies recruitment consultants can work with the customer to support their entire technology needs. As a global leader in recruitment services, our account managers also have access to resourcing, branding, acquisition and delivery support. 

The team's ambition only matches our focus on our customers. Randstad Technologies consultants are encouraged to engage in a deep and meaningful way with our business and brand.

We do this by creating a career path that develops leadership skills, understands your desires and helps you succeed whether you aim to become a principal consultant, billing team leader, manager or regional leader. 

Everyone has a unique, personal brand. So how we bring that together with our values is crucial to everyone's success. 

how do you know for sure when someone fits your team?

I need to get to know someone. I take time in the hiring process to ensure they align with our team's culture.

It's not 100 per cent science, but we do look to mutually agree on expectations if everyone is keen to move forward. It's about having an open and honest conversation.

what are career opportunities available at Randstad Technologies? 

It's an exciting time to join the business. Randstad Technologies is one of four critical strategic growth pillars for the global industry. In Australia, we've recently acquired a leading technology recruiter, Aurec Group. With that partnership will come opportunities for our team of 120. 

I like my team to have a lot of autonomy in how they shape their careers. You choose your customers, whether you work in the CBD, regionally, or internationally.

I started as NSW sales manager and still engage with customers and bill as the Director. It's fantastic to know all are involved in moulding the future of our business.

Success will come if you are ready to get 100 per cent involved and connect with the customers at the heart of our business.


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