Leadership is looking to you for a vision to succeed in a time of talent scarcity. It’s about understanding where talent comes from when traditional workforce rules and limitations are in a state of constant change. Where do you turn for the big-picture insight you need? 

Our 2016 Talent Trends Report is a great reference tool to help keep you on track to the finish line ahead of your competitors. The report will give you a full view into the key developments in the world of work and you will hear from your peers on how they're meeting the demands of today’s talent challenges.

What's inside?

  • Big-picture snapshot: a look at the 30 biggest trends in the world of work
  • Global survey results: views of 376 talent leaders from 62 countries
  • Best practice insights: advice from 30 global subject matter experts
  • Talent “fitness” checklist: to assess your organization’s talent readiness 

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