This is the fourth report in FYA’s New Work Order series.

– The New Work Mindset. 

The New Work Mindset has analysed more than 2.7 million job advertisements to reveal 7 job clusters in the Australian economy where the required skills are closely related and more portable than previously thought. 

key findings include:

  • When a person trains for or works in one job, they acquire skills for 13 other jobs.
  • Current careers advice is already outdated for the new work order, as the report series has predicted.

Ultimately this report shows our mindset needs to shift to reflect a more dynamic future of work where linear careers will be far less common and young people will need a portfolio of skills and capabilities, including career management skills, to navigate multiple roles within a job cluster.

By shifting our focus from jobs to skills and capabilities and understanding the most portable and in-demand skills in the new economy, young people can work to equip themselves with the right portfolio of skills.

Along with the release of this report, the FYA is hoping to bring specific focus to the dialogue between government, industry, educators, young people and parents around how we can best prepare young people for the future of work. 

Randstad is proud to be working with the Foundation for Young Australians in this regard.

For more information on the Randstad Shaping Young Futures program, click here.

For further information on Foundation for Young Australians, click here.

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