According to the Randstad World of Work Report 2013/14, refining your skills and expertise in the following game-changing areas will help you drive future business success:

1. Plan ahead: With skilled talent shortages set to persist, better talent mapping and workforce planning is essential to secure a diverse, high performing, creative, adaptive and productive workforce, particularly to feed the leadership pipeline.

2. Align workforce & business strategies: aligning attraction, retention and employee development strategies with overall business strategy makes it easier to plan your workforce while motivating employees to achieve their goals.

3. Cultivate new leaders: there is a leadership crisis in Australia – it’s time for organisations to invest in a pipeline of leaders to drive high performance and growth. The aim is to develop creative and adaptive professionals with wide-ranging experience who are confident with risk and uncertainty, whilst also sourcing visionary, authentic leaders who are comfortable managing through uncertainty.

4. Boost productivity: tackling Australia’s productivity challenge means getting every employee in your organisation working together to achieve better outcomes – so focus on strategies to boost the performance and productivity of your workforce.

5. Increase employee engagement: essential to boosting productivity and performance is the need to strengthen employee engagement and collaboration of your people. Invest in career development and training to facilitate this.

6. Improve & innovate: to remain relevant and engaging to the customers of today and tomorrow, continue to adapt, improve and innovate your products, services and the way in which you work.

7. Keep up-to-date: having access to the latest technology will help to drive continuous business efficiency, innovation and a high performance workforce. It will also boost engagement, both internally and externally to your business.

8. Up-skill & outsource: build up expertise in specific areas of your business, or outsource to the experts. Outsourcing key elements of your talent strategy to specialists in talent sourcing, recruitment, development, HR and talent management is an effective way to access hard-to-find skills, boost the quality and potential within your workforce, create efficiencies and save money – while allowing you to focus on your core strengths.

9. Revitalise your EVPs: when competition for talent is fierce, define a compelling employee value proposition to strengthen your employer brand. What is it that makes your company unique? Why do people choose to work for you? Use your employer brand to convey these important messages. Employers who lead this charge will enjoy better retention, engagement and productivity and attract a higher calibre of talent.

10. Manage change successfully: ensure you have the right people/teams and leaders in place to effectively manage change – whether it’s internal or external – and realise this is an ongoing process that can have a significant impact on the overall success of your business strategy.