The impact of one employee’s performance on others can be sizeable, and if left unaddressed, can escalate with time, jeopardising your company’s profitability and reputation. To avoid poor performance breeding resentment in your team or delaying the progress of key projects, tackle it head-on

If this is something you’re experiencing in your own business, here’s what to do:

make sure the organisation is not causing the behaviour.

  • If the employee is stressed because of work demands, the employer should attempt to alleviate the stress if appropriate, this could be achieved by reducing the workload or allowing for more flexible hours.

be compassionate but fair.

  • If an employee is dealing with personal demands, do not become personally involved, but provide solutions that may help, such as flexible hours.
  • Be aware that other employees will expect the same treatment if a similar situation arises for them.

use outside resources.

  • If the behavioural issue concerns alcohol or drug use, provide the employee with outside professional assistance, such as that offered through the company insurance fund or via an external counsellor.

If you rarely connect with your staff, you’ll find it difficult to catch these types of issues early on.

Managers and HR professionals should encourage open lines of communication between team members and be conscious of both internal and external factors that may be impacting performance.

Offering flexible working arrangements and encouraging work-life balance could be a solution to falling employee performance and engagement. 

what’s the best practice for flexible work environments?

The Randstad Human Resource Guide covers all the practicalities of good health and safety practices, including best practice advice for achieving good work-life balance.

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