Every touchpoint a candidate has with your organisation tells them a little more about your brand. What does your hiring process say about your company?

We’ve all experienced unsatisfactory customer service – the shop assistant more interested in their phone than in helping you, the consultant who refuses to return calls, the offshore team that knows nothing about the product you have called to discuss. Such experiences colour our perception of an entire brand.

When you are dealing with candidates for roles within a business, you are a brand representative. You are the broadcaster of the company experience, of its values and of the brand promise. A candidate’s opinion of the business, and therefore your company’s reputation, will be influenced by their experience with you.

Positive candidate experiences have wide-ranging and long-lasting benefits for the employer, its brand, reputation and corporate image. Both positive and negative experiences travel fast in today’s highly connected world, so looking after candidates makes sense and can create long-term relationships, even if they don't result in employment. 

Candidates who are treated well are likely to feel the organisation will be conscientious in other dealings too. They are also more likely to talk about their experience favourably, which will boost the employer brand.

how do you manage the recruitment process to ensure candidates have a positive experience, no matter the outcome?

Consider these points:

  1. Make the process as quick as possible. Research shows that two interviews over the period of one month are an acceptable length of the process.
  2. Return calls and emails promptly, acknowledging applications and other correspondence. Set up a dedicated email account to ensure you answer all questions immediately.
  3. Send an information pack to all applicants. Include job description, interview format with details about the interviewers and the company.
  4. Ensure your website contains information about staff development and other interesting opportunities within your business. Include staff blogs and case studies to clearly illustrate your organisational culture.
  5. Offer applicants plenty of notice, as well as some choice, for their interview times. Give candidates a deadline for when to expect a decision regarding their application. 
  6. Write to unsuccessful candidates and give them feedback about what impressed you and the skills they could work on to gain a more favourable chance with your business next time.

A Randstad recruitment consultant can help to make the hiring process a positive and productive experience for all involved. Find out more today. 

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