In the face of dynamic, challenging, and highly competitive market conditions, the importance of an attractive workplace is more pronounced than ever. The 2024 Randstad Employer Brand Research not only provides insights but crowns a new leader in employer attractiveness.

a new champion emerges

Globally renowned professional services network, Deloitte has claimed the title of Australia’s Most Attractive Employer for 2024. Rising dramatically from a position in the Top 40 last year, Deloitte’s journey to the summit is a testament to its robust strategic initiatives in audit and consulting services. Deloitte’s focus on financial health, career progression opportunities, and convenient and strategic locations has resonated powerfully with the Australian workforce, catapulting them to the top of Randstad’s prestigious list in 2024.

The diverse organisations that made it into the coveted Top 20 list not only exemplifies excellence within their individual sectors but also highlights the broader appeal of various industries in today’s job market. Let’s delve into the insights from this extensive survey, revealing why certain employers rose above the rest to make their mark as one of Australia’s Most Attractive Employers for 2024.

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the elite top five

  1. Deloitte: Deloitte’s ascension to the top, fueled by its commitment to financial stability, career growth, and strategic accessibility in Australia, is clearly valued by today’s workforce. This notable achievement highlights Deloitte’s dedication to excellence and showcases its remarkable strides in enhancing its employer brand.
  2. IAG Australia: Securing the second spot, this multinational insurance giant also jumped significantly from last year's Top 40, driven by its financial robustness, job security, and stellar reputation which likely drew a great deal of public and professional favour.
  3. NSW Department of Communities & Justice: Serving crucial public needs, this government department advanced from 11th to third place this year. Its attractiveness—built on long-term job security, career progression, and competitive salaries and benefits—is critical in sectors where public perception and the impact of services are directly felt by the community.
  4. Virgin Australia: A leading Australian airline that has topped the Randstad Award multiple times over the past 24 years. Virgin Australia maintains its allure as a top employer due to its financial health, attractive compensation packages, and beneficial locations. Its consistent presence in the top ranks speaks to ongoing excellence in employee satisfaction and public perception.
  5. G8 Education: A repeated winner of the last two Randstad Awards and a leader in early learning education, G8 Education remains in the fifth spot, valued for its financial stability, work-life balance, and excellent reputation. In an industry where emotional and physical investment is substantial, these attributes significantly contribute to its sustained popularity and attractiveness as an employer.

sector diversity in the top 20 

As we unveil the Top 20 Most Attractive Employers of 2024, it’s clear that the diversity of sectors represented highlights not only the organisations themselves, but also the attractiveness of their respective industries. This year's Top 20 includes a mix of industries, from government departments and healthcare services to mining, financial services, entertainment, and travel, each demonstrating unique attributes that make them standout employers. Each organisation excels in environments that demand constant innovation and commitment to employee satisfaction. This varied representation with companies like Australia Post, a leader in postal and financial services, and Thiess, a mining giant dedicated to sustainability, underscores that appealing employer brands exist across different sectors, each offering unique opportunities and benefits that resonate with today’s workforce.

diverse drivers of employer attractiveness

What sets these employers apart? The research shows no single pathway to becoming a top employer in Australia. Each top-ranked organisation has tailored its strategy to leverage unique strengths—be it financial stability, work-life balance, or job security. This year’s findings also highlight the importance of location and career opportunities, indicating a shift in what potential employees value most in their work environment.

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Male and female, smiling and looking down

emerging trends and evolving expectations

The landscape of employer attractiveness isn't just about what organisations are offering now, but also how they align with the evolving expectations of potential employees. Key drivers like work-life balance, attractive salary and benefits, and job security remain top priorities. Interestingly, equity has emerged as a critical factor, especially among women, reflecting broader social movements towards inclusivity and fairness in the workplace.

bridging the perception gap

Despite the strides in understanding employer attractiveness, a gap remains between what employees desire and what they perceive is available. Employers seem to be doing well in terms of job security but might need to boost perceptions around work-life balance and salary benefits to align more closely with employee expectations. It’s important to be aware of disparities between what employees value and perceive as organisations can focus their employer branding efforts to not just meet but exceed expectations in the future.


As we celebrate the achievements of these top employers, it’s clear that understanding and addressing the nuanced needs and changing expectations of the workforce in Australia is crucial. For organisations aiming to boost their employer brand and increasingly attract, engage, and retain top talent, focusing on holistic employer branding strategies that address both traditional and emerging employee priorities will be key. 

The insights from this year’s Randstad Employer Brand Research not only celebrate success but also guide other employers on how to enhance their attractiveness in an increasingly competitive job market.

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methodology behind the research.

Randstad’s Employer Brand Research harnesses the views and perceptions of over 6,100 Australians across a spectrum of demographics, including gender, age, and employment status. This research, part of a global Randstad Employer Brand Survey encompassing over 173,000 respondents, and more than 6,000 companies across 32 markets, reflects deep insights into employer branding, derived from 24 years of research. The study focuses on large employers known by at least 20% of the population, providing a balanced and comprehensive look into what makes an employer desirable. Click here for more.