Talent Management

  • select & engage your talent

    Job analysis
    Improve candidate selection by first defining the tasks performed in a particular job and the competencies required to perform those tasks to ensure the best match for every role.

    Recruitment process design
    Develop a recruitment strategy and associated tools and processes to meet your organisation’s current and future talent needs in a changing global talent market.

    Success profiling
    Profile high performers to better understand the DNA for successful job performance in your organisation. Core competencies and behaviors can be used to guide future candidate selection.

    Talent matching
    Enhance selection decisions by matching talent based on an accurate understanding of aptitudes, interests and behavioral alignment.

    Talent pipeline mapping
    Build a talent pipeline that anticipates your changing business needs by mapping the talent pool now and in the future.

    High potential identification
    Use the science of performance and potential measurements to identify high-potential talent for the development fast-track.

    Succession management
    Identify and develop talent with the potential to fill key business leadership positions in the medium to long term.

    Employer Value Proposition
    Develop a compelling employee value proposition (EVP) to articulate your mission and enhance your organisation’s appeal as an employer.

    Employee Surveys
    Improve organisational performance by gaining insights into employee attitudes across a range of work culture and performance areas.

    Cultivate high performance in specific job roles and organisational cultures by asking us to design and implement competency frameworks that define the knowledge, skills and attributes required.

  • develop your talent

    Our proven employee development capabilities are complemented by an exclusive partnership with American Management Association (AMA) to deliver their globally recognised leadership development programs.

    Leadership development programs
    Provide continuous learning and skills development for leaders at all levels utilising our robust assessment and development frameworks.

    Coaching & mentoring
    Support and nurture leaders across your organisation to reach their full potential by offering access to our tailored coaching and mentoring programs.

    Skills training
    Benefit from our proven learning methodologies to quip your employees with new or enhanced skills to improve their capabilities and performance.

    Team development
    Enhance the effectiveness, productivity and performance of teams through our customised training and development programs.

    Performance & executive coaching
    Help managers become more effective leaders and progress their executive development with our dedicated coaching solutions.

    Onboarding programs
    Coach and support new recruits to maximise engagement and productivity and ensure a successful transition to their new role.

    Career development workshops
    Challenge employees to acquire the perspectives, skills and capabilities to advance their careers or embark on specific career paths.

    Career coaching
    Equip employees to take ownership of their career development and support the evolution of their career in your organisation and beyond.

    Return to work programs
    Help employees re-entering the workforce or returning to work after a significant break by updating their skills, knowledge and expectations.

    Retirement planning
    Encourage employees to proactively plan a successful transition to retirement through organisational initiatives and individual coaching.

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