have you been looking for work and finding it challenging?

A constant adage we hear murmured is that “the job market is tough at the moment,” by people who have consistently been looking for something new but to no avail.

The reality is that Australia’s economy, in terms of unemployment, is relatively healthy, and you may need to tweak your game plan a touch.

Here are 5 mistakes you could be making and how you can turn your luck around:

1. you only use your desktop computer to apply for jobs

Do you like to stick to one device to complete a single task online, like shopping, booking restaurants or applying for a job?

Now there’s no need to switch between platforms, which may disrupt your application process because you can apply directly from your mobile device.

The best websites are fully responsive, making it easy for you to navigate through content (and jobs) within the constraints of smaller screen sizes.

2. you don't make time to stay up to date with industry trends

Knowledge of industry trends and breakthroughs is just as crucial for people seeking employment as it is for recruiters.

Randstad’s new career advice blog has been designed to provide helpful hints and tips on everything to do, from writing your resume and cover letter to searching for a job.

It’s a great platform where you can pick up knowledge that you can use to impress potential employers in your following interview.

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3. you’re using your daily commute time inefficiently

82% of Australians use their smartphone on the go, including those searching for a new job on their way to their current place of employment.

Don’t waste your time with clunky websites that are difficult to use on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

4. you're missing out on the opportunity to apply for jobs faster

Using your smartphone or tablet as your primary device for job applications, you will be ready to apply for your dream job as soon as it’s advertised.

Preload your CV onto your myrandstad account or save it to your device as a PDF file, ready to fire off to a prospective employer immediately.

If you’re browsing casually and aren’t able to apply straight away, you may miss out on the chance to interview for your dream job.

5. you’re searching hard, not smart

If you’re busting your brain over which words to enter into the job search bar and only relying on this method of job seeking, then you’re not taking advantage of Randstad’s personalised search.

Randstad's technology gives you relevant jobs at your fingertips through your myrandstad account.

The website does all the hard work for you by suggesting jobs based on previous searches. This is how we match the best roles to the best candidates.

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