Given the level of economic uncertainties today, it’s not surprising that organisations are looking for effective strategies to boost business outcomes, such as retention, productivity and profits. One strategy known to provide an excellent return on investment by curbing healthcare costs, boosting workplace morale and driving better on-the-job performance is the implementation of employee wellbeing initiatives.

Employee wellbeing is not a new concept. However, it's one that modern employers are taking very seriously. With increased popularity has come an increased market for employee wellness tools, apps and services. It can be overwhelming to determine what initiatives are right for your company. This article takes a closer look at wellness programmes at Randstad and across the globe to help you better understand your options. 


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benefits of employee wellness programmes

Almost half (49%) of UK workers we surveyed last year were considering leaving, or said that they would like to leave their profession within the next 12 months due to stress and/or mental health conditions, highlighting how imperative it is for employers to address these issues. Employers who make a positive impact on the wellbeing of their employees have a huge opportunity to reduce turnover and bring out the potential in their workforce. 

Another fact is studies show that 90% of employers believe employee wellness programmes can help boost on-the-job performance and productivity. This makes sense. When employees can improve their overall wellbeing, it can improve their focus, stamina and mood. Wellbeing can also boost the employees' physical and mental health, which results in fewer trips to the doctor and reduced absenteeism and healthcare costs for your company. 

At a time when company leaders are cautious about new investments, know that employee health and wellness programmes can provide a return of up to £6 for every dollar invested. For example, studies show that an effective employee wellness programme can improve productivity by 23%, reduce absenteeism by 27% and boost employee engagement by 43%.

Ultimately, these benefits can improve the company’s bottom line and overall recruitment efforts. Both of these are important given today’s economic uncertainties and tight labour market.

randstad’s employee wellbeing initiatives

At Randstad, we take employee engagement and wellbeing seriously. Here’s a look at just some of the employee wellness programmes managed by Randstad and our partners. 

randstads’ wellbeing initiatives

Employees at Randstad have access to numerous employee wellness initiatives. We take a holistic approach to wellbeing that encompasses all elements of wellness, including physical, mental, social, occupational and financial wellbeing. 

Our key wellness initiatives include:

  • Knowledge hub – This learning centre designed specifically for our employees covers topics about mental, financial, social and physical wellbeing
  • Wellness speakers – Frequent speakers pertaining to issues surrounding employee health and wellbeing 
  • Flexible work schedules: We offer flexible work schedules when possible, to help employees maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • Promote healthy living: We use innovative methods to promote overall physical wellbeing by incorporating exercise and walking into meetings.
  • Wellness check-ins: We take the opportunity to start staff meetings with valuable wellbeing check-ins.

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performance coaching

Tempo Team, a subsidiary of Randstad, provides high performance coaching to help clients manage their in-house team. A performance coach makes sure everyone in the team gets one-on-one guidance, tips, and insights to perform better and reach their full potential. By doing this employees in the team are more motivated and passionate about their work. These services can help improve the quality of work and retention rates while also cutting costs and helping your company achieve optimal performance and productivity. 


At Randstad we find it important that our colleagues across the globe get an opportunity to give back to their communities. That is why we have our Randstad with Heart programme. With this programme we allow employees to receive up to 8 paid hours doing eligible volunteer work in their communities. 

As one of its core pillars, Volunteering with Heart, includes globally-led partnerships like our long-standing partnership with VSO and locally-driven corporate volunteering programmes like Make-a-Wish, Youth4Jobs, and Volunteering Matters where we hope to help people across the world reach their full potential. We support them to take or retake those first steps toward the prosperity and security offered by decent work.

In September 2023, Randstad employees took part in a collective total of 128 in-person volunteer activities across 19 countries. Activities ranged from skills-based volunteering opportunities, trimming hedges, and gardening for the elderly, to an incredible underwater ocean cleanup. Making sure we contribute to making our communities every day.

Simone, a colleague at Randstad, recently joined a VSO project called 'From Waste to Work,' where she spent four months as a business development advisor in the slum areas of Nairobi. Her role was to empower individuals by supporting them to create decent jobs and earn income through waste management initiatives. Simone describes the experience as inspiring and expresses pride in being part of Randstad, a company that demonstrates a genuine commitment to making a positive impact on a global scale.

employee wellness programmes from around the globe

In addition to our commitment at a global level, our leaders at the national level are also making a difference. For instance: 

mental health wellbeing

The World Health Organisation reports that organisations around the world see a $1 trillion loss in productivity due to mental health issues in the workplace. It’s also estimated that at least 15% of the global workforce deals with some type of mental health disorder. Although the number of undiagnosed and undetected cases probably goes much higher. 

Mental health issues can range from depression and anxiety to more serious issues. Either way, if left untreated, any type of mental health issue can hinder on-the-job performance. This is why more and more employers are investing in mental health support services. 

For example, Randstad India’s Sane Forward resource group provides a safe place for employees to have honest conversations about their mental health and wellbeing. One of this group’s initiatives is a podcast, Mind Matters, that discusses relevant mental health issues with experts. This podcast is set to discuss various mental health topics in an effort to get the conversation started. 


employee recognition and overall wellbeing

Studies show that workers are 91% more likely to be successful in their work and personal life if they receive adequate levels of recognition. With this understanding, Randstad Australia manages a comprehensive employee recognition programme to acknowledge the contributions its workers make to the company's success. These programmes include:

  •  An effective peer recognition programme to help create a culture of appreciation and acknowledgment.
  • The Directors Club programme that focuses on shining a light on the company’s top performers.
  •  It hosts quarterly awards ceremonies to acknowledge the contributions of our workers.
  •  We also conduct an annual gala to recognise top performers.

work-life balance

According to our 2024 Randstad Workmonitor, 60% of the UK workforce agree that maintaining a healthy work-life balance is a key factor when looking for a job. At Randstad, we understand this growing demand and take active steps to help our workers maintain a healthy balance.

For instance, we proudly offer our workers several benefits to help them maintain a healthy work-life balance, including hybrid working, flexible hours, PTO for birthdays and moving home plus much more.

diversity and inclusion

Randstad is committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace, as we know this allows us to build a more agile, innovative and productive workforce. In fact, we strive to build an effective culture of diversity and inclusion by making it a prime focus at every stage of the employee journey. The results show that our efforts are working.

Studies show that only 32% of senior management positions worldwide are held by women. At Randstad we make women an equal part of our workforce at all levels. For instance, here in the UK, women hold 56% of management positions, 59% of junior management positions and 47% of top management positions.


building a diverse wellness programme

It can be easy to limit your wellness programme to just one or two pillars of wellbeing. However, to maximise the effectiveness of your wellness programmes and achieve the greatest results, it’s important to build a diverse wellness programme. 

This means creating wellness initiatives that touch on all major aspects of wellness, including physical, mental, social, occupational and financial wellbeing. Offering programmes, such as de-stressing activities, financial education, mental health support and flexible scheduling can help employers touch on various aspects of wellness. 

Start by assessing the current needs of your workforce and don’t solely focus on physical and mental health wellbeing. Instead, dig deeper to find out exactly what supportive services your workers need to improve their overall wellbeing. Conduct surveys and interviews to identify the specific wellness challenges facing your employees. 

This information can help you build a diverse wellness programme that meets the unique needs of your workers and can help them on the path to overall wellbeing.

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