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my Randstad timesheets have many of the same benefits as the mobile app, including:

  • add and save your hours worked as you go, then complete and submit at the end of the week,
  • view your active and past bookings,
  • add comments, expenses, allowances and photo attachments to your timesheet,
  • create your own password, and reset it whenever you need to,
  • enter and calculate kilometers travelled for travel allowances
  • easily see when your timesheets have been approved.

    The portal even talks to the mobile app, so if you’ve started a timesheet on your phone, you can complete it through your my Randstad portal, and vice versa!

For more information, view our User Guide or see our Frequently Asked Questions and short instructional videos below.

frequently asked questions

  • How do I get set up to use timesheets through my Randstad?

    Your Randstad consultant will enable your access and let you know when you can get started using both the mobile app and timesheets through your my Randstad portal.

  • How do I copy hours if I work the same shift on multiple days?

    The 'Copy Shifts' feature is designed for you! Enter your first shift, then click the 'Copy' button to choose which days of the week to automatically copy your shifts to.

  • How do I add a timesheet if there aren’t any in my 'To Do' list on the my Randstad portal?

    If your 'To Do' screen doesn’t have any timesheets, click 'CREATE TIMESHEET' in the top right hand corner of the screen, then choose the booking and week that your timesheet is for.

  • How do I add a shift if I’ve worked twice on one day?

    By default, the timesheet displays a single shift per day. If you’ve worked a second shift on one day, click on the add shift button, select the day to which you’re adding the shift, then enter your start, finish, and break times as normal. Once saved, the additional shift will display as a separate row in the shifts section of the timesheet details screen.

  • How do I change something on my timesheet once it’s been submitted?

    As long as your timesheet hasn’t been approved, you can recall it to make changes. Go to your 'Submitted' list, locate and open the timesheet you want to edit and click 'Recall Timesheet'. This returns the timesheet to your 'To Do' list. If the timesheet has been already been approved, contact your Randstad consultant for assistance.

  • How do I add supporting information (e.g. receipts) to my timesheet?

    You’ll need to have the document on your computer to add it through the portal. Click on the attachments tab, then select the add attachments button. This will prompt you to select the file to upload from your computer, and attaches it to your timesheet.

  • How do I delete a day from my timesheet if I didn’t work it?

    For days that you’re not working, for example public holidays, you won’t need to delete anything from your timesheet. Just don’t enter any hours for that day. If you’ve accidentally saved shift hours on a day that you didn’t work, click on the clear button to the far right of that day’s shift information.

  • How do I reset my password?

    You can reset your password any time, through either the mobile app or the my Randstad web portal. Simply click on the “forgot your password” link on the login page and follow the steps to receive a new password.

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introduction and login

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timesheets v1.0

module 3

bookings and payslips

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