what is a service technician?

As a service technician, you install equipment or systems. After installation, you test the equipment to ensure it works as expected. You also perform maintenance tasks and repair or replace parts. You are skilled in installing and servicing equipment or systems as a service technician. That means your daily duties may vary depending on your industry. For instance, service technicians can assist with installing heavy equipment in mining companies or repairing home appliances and computers.

Working as a service technician involves providing diverse services, and sometimes you go to your client's home or business premises to install something or conduct repairs. You require the necessary qualifications and expertise to perform repairs and installations. You also need a licence for some of the services you provide. For instance, working on air conditioning systems and refrigerators requires a licence.

Aside from educational qualifications and licences, soft skills will help you succeed as a service technician. For instance, physical strength is crucial since your work involves lifting heavy equipment and much physical activity. You also interact with various people daily; interpersonal and communication skills are valuable for the role.

service technician jobs

average salary of a service technician

The average remuneration of a service technician in Australia is $75,000 per year. The salary can vary depending on the level of experience and location. When you are relatively new in the role, your earnings are $65,000 per year. As you improve your experience and qualifications, your profits increase to $85,000 yearly. For instance, an installation technician earns an average salary of $80,000 annually, while a maintenance technician earns over $85,000 yearly. An air conditioning and refrigeration technician job pays an average wage of $93,000 annually.

what factors influence the salary of a service technician?

Service technicians have diverse salaries based on their specific duties and area of specialisation. A service technician who can repair and install air conditioning systems requires additional training and experience. Hence, they have a higher remuneration package than service technicians in many other roles. Your expertise also influences your salary. When you have extensive experience, your earnings are higher than service technicians with minimal experience. Your qualifications also determine your earnings. For instance, getting added training to repair specific machinery improves your remuneration prospects.

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service technician jobs

types of service technicians

As a service technician, you can explore various specialisations, including:

• it service technician: as an IT technician, you resolve computer issues for your clients. You deal with problems such as hard drive crashes and operating system glitches. You also provide proactive solutions to minimise future problems, like recommending appropriate anti-virus software, and you may write code for specific programs.

• mechanical technician: as a mechanical technician, you repair vehicles. You run diagnostic checks to determine and fix vehicle problems. You also identify any required parts and recommend solutions to the vehicle owners.

• heating, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC) technician: as an HVAC technician, you are responsible for installing, servicing and diagnosing damage in air conditioning systems and refrigerators. You test the performance of the equipment and complete general maintenance.

• home appliance technician: as a service technician, you fix home appliances like washing machines, dryers and ovens. Your responsibilities include diagnosing, installing or repairing the appliances. You also provide recommendations for using the appliances and improving product life.

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working as a service technician

As a service technician, your job involves installing and fixing various mechanical equipment. Let's explore the duties and responsibilities of a service technician.


education and skills

The licensing and qualifications you require to work as a service technician will depend on the field you specialise in. You can pursue the following trade qualifications:

trade qualifications: if you want to specialise in electrical servicing, complete a Certificate III in electrotechnology electrician. The trade certification helps you get the necessary licensing to work on electrical servicing. Pursuing a Certificate III in engineering-mechanical trade qualifies you to perform mechanical services like vehicle repairs. To be an HVAC service technician, complete a Certificate III in air conditioning and refrigeration.

skills and competencies

Some of the essential skills that service technicians require include:

  • communication skills: as a service technician, you interact with your clients daily. That means communication skills are necessary to excel in the role. It's crucial to leave a good impression by being polite and explaining issues clearly.
  • physical stamina: as a service technician, you spend much time standing and bending. Working with heavy equipment and lifting objects requires physical strength and energy.
  • mechanical skills: as a service technician, extensive knowledge of machinery is crucial to understand the right tools for your trade. Mechanical skills also help you identify problems with equipment and appliances.
  • time management: as a service technician, you visit client homes and schedule appointments daily. Having time management skills helps you ensure the appointments are on time.

FAQs about working as a service technician

Here, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the profession of a service technician.

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