An electrician is a tradesman that installs, maintains, and repairs electrical systems in all types of buildings and structures. If you enjoy mechanics and wiring for structures, you will find a rewarding career as an electrician. Read on to learn about how you qualify to be an electrician as well as your responsibilities in this career.

what is an electrician?

An electrician is a skilled craftsman working with electrical wiring for buildings and other structures. A lousy wiring system would be hazardous and would eventually lead to an injury or a fire. So for safety reasons, it's essential to try to prevent risks with electrical wiring and components. This position requires you to have knowledge of safety skills and solid math and mechanical skills as well as a good understanding of electrical tools and materials.

electricians work on many types of jobs

You will have steady work as an electrician as you install, maintain, and repair electrical wiring for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. In addition, some electricians continue to study and end up working on sub-specialty electrical systems of ships, aeroplanes, and other mobile structures.

data and computing jobs

Data and computing are continuously growing, so you will also find work on data and cable lines. Just as with most occupations, there will be job openings from construction growth and electricians who have left the field for retirement or other reasons.

electrician jobs

average salary of an electrician

An electrician's salary is good. On average, you make between $65,000-$100,000 a year. However, salaries do vary greatly depending on the industry, the remoteness of the work location and whether it is a union and hazardous site.

salary depends on the specialty

The salary range varies depending on your chosen specialty and the state you live and work in. An apprentice's salary is considerably less than that of a journeyman or master electrician, but so are the risks. The master electrician and the apprentice determine the pay the apprentice will receive when making the contract.

factors that affect electrician pay

An electrician's pay varies from state to state, but other factors also determine it. A higher level of difficulty usually results in a higher payment and a higher risk of danger. The nature of electrical work is hazardous. Specific jobs will require different levels of precision compared to others, and there is no room for error.

If you would like to find out more detail on this feel free to use our salary calculator tool.

electrician salary

types of electrician

An electrician goes through an apprenticeship, followed by a journeyman and master electrician.


You'll choose one of the five specialties in the field:

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Light industrial
  • Industrial
  • Low-voltage wiring

working as an electrician

Most people know the basics of working as an electrician. However, some people don't know that it is a physically demanding job. If you're looking for a career to keep yourself busy and you're willing to put in some hard work, then this is a good fit for you.

duties & responsibilities

As an electrician, you can expect to travel to locations to install, inspect, or repair wiring and electrical systems. Here are some of the duties you will take on.

inspection and repair

A crucial aspect of the job is inspecting, identifying, and repairing faulty wiring systems. In addition, electricians must be able to locate the problem quickly and find a solution.

work environment

Your work environment will depend on the job you are performing. Wiremen usually work through a contractor or possibly in-house, depending on the company's size and the needed work. Therefore, the specialty area you have chosen will be the environment you will work in most of the time. Your work will be either outside or inside, depending on the specific task. However, you should also understand that you may need to climb ladders and carry heavy equipment to prospective locations on a construction site.

risks of working as an electrician

In any environment, the most significant risk with electrical work is electrocution, but you should also consider the other risks involved with it. As an electrician, you will need to climb ladders and carry tools and supplies to your work area, as well. All of these activities have some risks for you and others around you.

risk of electrocution

With electrical components, such as wiring and electrical systems, you have the risk of electrocution. Because of this, safety equipment is a necessity to ensure your own and others' protection while working on these systems.

risk of fire

With faulty wiring and flammable objects around, a fire would result. If there is a fire, people would be in danger of getting burned, and there would also be significant property damage and loss. To prevent the health risk of severe or fatal burns and property damage, you must properly install or service the system you are working on.


education & qualifications

There is some education required to become an electrician. To complete an apprenticeship, you need to study and understand both electrical theory and electrical building codes. These specific areas will allow you to perform your job correctly and prevent any hazardous conditions from arising after your work is done. You would gain all the other information you need through an apprenticeship with a journeyman and a master electrician.



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working with Randstad as an electrician

Learning a new trade is the career change you need. With a little education and an apprenticeship, you'll be on your way to a rewarding electrical career.

Becoming an electrician requires some knowledge, most of which you learn through the apprenticeship program, such as the areas of electrical theory and building codes.

Once you complete your apprenticeship, you'll be given an exam so that you'll be recognised by the state as competent in the field. From there, you become a master electrician and take an additional exam to be given that classification level. The time and effort you put in to gain this classification is valuable and results in a rewarding career.

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