what is an seo specialist?

As a search engine optimisation specialist, you analyse a client's website to identify areas for improvement. You analyse the search engine optimisation and implement any necessary changes to improve the website's rankings. As an SEO specialist, you work in-house as a company employee or for a consulting firm offering clients SEO services. You work in diverse industries, from marketing and IT to manufacturing and mining.

SEO specialists are experts in writing search-engine-optimised copy and have extensive knowledge in keyword research. If a company relies on its website to make sales, you improve web traffic to increase sales and revenue.

what does an SEO specialist do?

If a company's website needs to attract targeted visitors and convert leads to customers, your job is to find ways to improve these outcomes. You find solutions to generate conversions and increase return on investment. When reviewing a website, it is crucial to understand its goals and compare them with performance. Identifying your target audience enables you to develop strategies to improve search engine rankings. Some strategies include adding content with specific keywords, internal and backlinking, rewriting HTML title tags and obtaining high-quality inbound links. You also test the website layout and optimise speed to increase conversions.

SEO specialist jobs

average salary of an SEO specialist

SEO specialists' remuneration depends on the job's complexity and work experience. The average salary of an SEO specialist is $85,000 per year. Starting in the role attracts a remuneration package of $75,000 annually. As you improve your skills and experience, you earn up to $95,000 annually.

how to increase your salary as an SEO specialist

Your skills and experience dictate your earning potential. When you have minimal skills in the role, you are likely to earn less compared to an SEO specialist with extensive experience or additional skills in programming or Google Analytics. The size of the company also influences your salary. When you work for a small start-up, you will earn less than working for a large company. The complexity of the duties in large companies increases your remuneration prospects.

Your work location also influences your earnings. For instance, if you work in metro areas with a high demand for SEO specialists, you are likely to earn more than in smaller cities with low demand for the role. The cost of living in metro areas also influences your salaries.

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seo specialist jobs

types of SEO specialists

Some of the types of SEO specialists include:

• direct SEO specialist: as an on-page SEO specialist, you optimise the site or page search engine. You optimise on-site ranking factors to improve visibility and drive traffic to the website. You work on the meta descriptions, keywords, images and meta titles. Some of the activities for successful on-page SEO are keyword research, building internal links and writing quality content.

• indirect SEO specialist: as an off-page SEO specialist, you focus on all SEO activities outside the company website to improve rankings. For instance, you write guest blogs to generate backlinks to your website. You also use search engine marketing tools like internet ads to increase traffic.

• technical SEO specialist: as a technical SEO specialist, you improve the technical aspects of a website to boost the user experience. Technical SEO activities make it easier for visitors to navigate websites. For instance, you improve the site load time or its mobile compatibility.

• content SEO specialist: as a content SEO specialist, you optimise copy and landing pages for search engine optimisation. Performing ongoing keyword research, including discovery and expansion of keyword opportunities. Researching and implementing content recommendations for organic SEO success.

Male looking at a computer screen sitting at a desk
Male looking at a computer screen sitting at a desk

working as an SEO specialist

Working as an SEO specialist involves analysing the company's website and improving it as a revenue source. Explore an SEO specialist's duties, work environments, and career prospects.


education and skills

You don't require formal education to become an SEO specialist in Australia, but the following qualifications give you an edge in the job market:

• bachelor's degree: to become an SEO specialist, pursue a bachelor's degree in marketing, commerce and information technology, which takes three years. You can also take up short courses in digital marketing. Having programming skills is an added advantage in the field.

• work experience: find internship opportunities to gain experience. Internships help you develop your Google Analytics and Search Console skill and understand how to use SEO tools to improve website ranking.

skills and competencies

Some of the skills of an SEO specialist include the following:

• critical thinking skills: as an SEO specialist, you require crucial thinking and analytical skills to review website performance. Your analytical skills help you identify website problems and find the best solutions.

• writing and communication skills: excellent writing and editing skills help you develop high-quality content. Communication skills enable you to distil complex ideas into straightforward content that customers can understand.

• technical skills: as an SEO specialist, you require technical skills to handle complex optimisation tasks. For instance, knowledge of programming language helps you optimise HTML and improve the technical features of your website.

• adaptability: adapting to changes is crucial since search engine algorithms change constantly. It is essential to enhance your SEO skills continually.

• inquiring mind: search engine optimisation requires regular website reviews to identify problems that could slow down performance. Having an inquiring mind helps you discover the best solutions.


FAQs about working as an SEO specialist

Here, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the SEO specialist profession.

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