what is a content writer?

As a content writer, you use your creativity to write content that tells a story about a brand or product. Most companies use written content to promote their products or services. Your job is to develop content that presents the company in a positive light. The written articles are posted on social media pages or websites. Content writers also create sales copies for email marketing and press releases.

Content writing is a flexible career that allows you to work for various organisations. Some content writers write in the public and private sectors, while others work with non-profit organisations. You either work in-house for a marketing or public relations agency or a specific company providing content writing services to various industries, including mining and manufacturing.

As a content writer, you write for various audiences. For instance, some articles target a particular audience, and sometimes, you write publications and press releases for the media. The common writing materials include blog posts, web copies, press releases and social media posts. With the diversity of the articles required, a content writer needs to be creative and adaptable to changing market demands.

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average content writer salary

A content writer takes home an average salary of $75,000 per year. The remuneration package depends on the complexity of the role and experience. That's why entry-level content writers earn as little as $65,000 annually. With experience, you can handle complex tasks and your salary increases to over $85,000 annually.

how to increase your salary as a content writer

As a content writer, your remuneration depends on various factors. While content writers don't need formal education, having academic qualifications increases your earning prospects. You earn more if you have formal education in the relevant field. Your experience also influences your remuneration. Your salary is higher when you have extensive experience in digital marketing or writing search engine-optimised content. When you have minimal experience, you earn a lower salary as you build your portfolio.

The company you work for can also influence your earnings. For instance, if you work for a non-profit organisation, you handle complex writing tasks. Your remuneration package may be higher than other content writers. Small start-ups with limited resources usually have a low budget for content, and your earnings are lower.

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types of content writers

Content writers have various skill sets and areas of specialisation. Some of the types of writers include:

  • seo writers: as an seo content writer, you write content for web pages following search engine optimisation guidelines. You perform keyword searches and write high-quality content to improve the website's ranking. Your content drives traffic by aligning customer needs with the company's offerings.
  • technical content writers: You specialise in creating complex technological articles as a technical content writer. You master the art of taking the dry & statistical based information you might find in a manual or an educational piece and breaking it down into something more digestible. 
  • copywriters: as a copywriter, you use your creativity to create sales copies like whitepapers. Your primary goal is to generate leads. Hence, your content should be accessible to process and impactful. While the content is promotional, it is crucial to maintain the brand tone and voice.
  • social media content writers: as a social media writer, you aim to engage the audience on various platforms. The content should spark interest in the company and generate leads. You also tailor the content to the company's social media channels.
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female sitting in an armchair

working as a content writer

As a content writer, you produce relevant and engaging written content for websites. Discover the specific duties, responsibilities and work schedules of content writers.


education and skills

You don't require formal education to become a content writer. However, gaining educational qualifications improves your career prospects in the role. 

Some relevant qualifications include the following:

  • educational qualifications: consider completing a bachelor's degree in English, arts, journalism or communication, which takes three years. Aside from the degree course, you can complete other courses to develop knowledge of digital marketing techniques. The short-term courses improve your search engine optimisation knowledge.
  • experience: you require experience to excel in the role. You can look for internship opportunities to gain work experience and build a portfolio to show prospective employers and clients.

content writer skills and competencies

Some of the qualities of a content writer include the following:

  • research skills: as a content writer, you require research skills to learn about different topics. Your research skills help you write authentic and detailed content. Hence, taking courses to hone your research skills improves your writing quality.
  • communication skills: as a content writer, you rely on writing skills to convey your message. You require excellent written communication skills to capture the attention of the audience you are addressing. Communication skills are also helpful when you are working with a team.
  • time management skills: as a content writer, you handle numerous projects. Time management skills help you organise your work and meet deadlines. With time management skills, you can handle a large volume of work.
  • flexibility: as a content writer, you work on multiple projects since you deal with different clients. Adaptability helps you navigate various projects and switch focus from one project to another seamlessly.

FAQs about working as a content writer

Here, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the profession of a content writer.

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