Shortages of truck drivers, warehouse personnel and other transport and logistics workers make this sector a hot focus for recruitment. Vacancies are increasing as a result of the surge in home deliveries and an ageing workforce in which a high proportion of qualified drivers are coming up for retirement. The shortages will increase the job openings and training opportunities for people under-represented in the transport and logistics workforce including women.

key facts

where people work

  • Road transport (75%)


  • No particular degree course, larger logistics companies have their own training and graduate programmes.

impact of new technologies

  • Algorithms to match demand and supply in deliveries, and ride-hailing. Drones and driverless vehicles bring big changes ahead.

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women in transport.

Changes in truck design and automation mean that the job can be done equally well by women and men. Women can bring new ideas, perspectives, and relationship skills to an increasingly end-customer-focused sector.