what's the secret to success?

We reveal the tactics of the Williams Martini Formula One Racing Team and apply them to performance in your organisation.

Since 2006, Randstad has been the official partner of the Williams Martini Formula One Racing Team. Over this time we've studied and been inspired by the team’s stunning ability to perform under pressure. 

On an individual and a team level the elite motor racing series weeds out the weak and exposes every flaw. Only the very finest performers make it to the top, much like in the business world.

What can we take from the success of the Williams team and how does it translate into high-performance tips for business?

Here are our most powerful learnings.


Leaders are tasked with bringing together talent and technology to reach the pinnacle of their sport. Their success or failure is broadcast around the globe and only constant improvement will keep the team in the top spot. Leaders understand that success can only come from continuous improvement and advancement.

In your organisation, are your leaders setting the pace for their teams? Are they providing great leadership that will separate your organisation from competitors?

The successful leader, including the hiring manager, will assemble the right pieces of the team in a holistic way, looking to create an agile approach with the optimum balance of fixed and flexible talent.


To surpass the competition in sport, the right mix of expertise is essential. Whether it’s engine design, chassis build, exhaust placement, competitive capabilities, track conditions or numerous other areas, expertise enables Formula One teams to earn small but critical advantages.

Does your organisation have the exact mix of expertise it requires to out-manoeuvre competitors in the market? If you had greater expertise in talent sourcing and engagement, what would be the impact on your organisation?

If you had tremendous bench depth around organisational efficiency, supplier management, recruitment and other functions, could you accelerate the fulfilment of business goals?

Success is all about having the right mix of experts on your team, and that only comes through flawless talent management.

winning talent

It’s no secret that Formula One drivers are always in high demand. While salaries are one reason for talent mobility, other factors that come into play include team heritage, brand, personalities and track record.

What is the impact you will have on your organisation if you can attract top performers to fill essential roles? The ability to win talent from direct and indirect competitors gives your company a distinct advantage now and in the future.

And as you build a reputation for attracting highly talented individuals, it will only serve to attract like-minded peers.

gain a competitive edge by bringing quality talent into your team.

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