If you read any material on successful organisations and leaders, central to this is the ability to build effective teams — and at the heart of this is trust.

Trust is the most important element in building a winning team. Whether you're talking sports, business, organisations or anything else competitive it comes down to creating synergy and trust at all levels of the team.

Top 7 Tips for Creating High-Trust Leadership

  1. Make trust important. Demonstrate that trust is important and valued, that reward comes from generating trust and consequences exist for betraying it. Walk the talk.
  2. Trust yourself. Make commitments, keep learning and develop a reputation for delivering. When you trust yourself, you project confidence and the trust of others will follow.
  3. Extend trust to others. Model trust. Champion and extend trust to others to demonstrate the power of win/win relationships.
  4. Build credibility. Credibility is the cornerstone of trust. Build your own credibility and promote the credibility of others. This is the realm of the inspirational leader.
  5. Focus on results. Keep your eye on the prize. Where possible, give employees the flexibility to deliver results without over-emphasising the process. 
  6. Keep an open mind. No-one has a crystal ball. Know and own the strategic vision, but keep plans fluid so you can adapt to market conditions and opportunities.
  7. Start today. Trust is a deep function of integrity. It takes time and consistency to transform an organisation, but demonstrating trust immediately creates small wins.