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And according to Randstad’s industry research, training, learning, and development are something which people continuously search for. According to the latest Employer Brand Research, good quality training and development are some of the most important reasons for job seekers to choose a new employer in Australia. Good work-life balance, attractive salary and benefits, and job security round out the Top 4 reasons.

As learning and development often form part of an employee’s overall salary and benefits package in most organisations, it therefore also contributes to how potential employees prioritise its importance.

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With Randstad’s driving force to see the possible in people, our teams are dedicated to helping people realise their true potential and stay relevant in the ever-changing world of work. The hallmarks of our company’s ambition: “to become the world’s most equitable and specialised talent company”, is to help people find meaningful work and match talent with leading employers.

We also consistently invest in research studies and knowledge-sharing initiatives for our clients, talent, and employees. Our annual Leadership Event Series, production of industry research reports, thought leadership articles and professional playbooks are all designed to help our valued network gain wisdom and inspiration in workplace innovations, workforce insights, talent management initiatives and employer branding trends.

We have privileged access to the most inspiring individuals and organisations in the country. Executives from many of the most well-established, well-known blue-chip brands doing highly creative and innovative work through the world of ongoing transformation and commitment to service delivery from our public sector. Then there’s the creativity, energy and entrepreneurial spirit from the many small-to-mid-size enterprises that disrupt and challenge the status quo.

These are the individuals we wanted to hear from in the 2023 edition of Standing Out – to share their wisdom with you. We interviewed executives relentless in their pursuit of continuous progression, improvement, growth, and innovation – those who are thriving in the dynamic and ever-challenging world of work.

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an image of three smiling people wearing collared shirts and hats trying to catch water in their palms while crouching and kneeling down

What stood out for us in the latest Employer Brand Research is that 65 per cent of the Top 20 employers came from the public sector. So, of the almost 6,000 workers surveyed in Australia, the majority identified a State or Federal Government Department as their most desired employer.

Is this a re-evaluation of personal priorities, where people are searching for a deeper connection to meaningful and purposeful work? Maybe.

Also making prominent appearances in the Top 20 Employer list are organisations (both public and private) specialising in the health and aged care sectors. A flow-on effect from the pandemic? Possibly, yes, demonstrating the increasing value and appreciation Australians are placing on the incredible work they continue to do for our community.

What is clear from these research findings is that commercial organisations need to sit up and take note of what our public sector is doing and to better understand their EVP. It’s not just about learning how they care for and invest in their people; it’s also about truly appreciating the increasingly strong connection people have to working for a higher purpose.

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Competition for talent is no longer just limited to other competing commercial brands. Senior executives need to seriously take stock of what government departments are doing to market their EVP and the inspiring work they do to attract, engage, develop and retain diverse talent in a safe, inclusive and high-performing environment.

We asked three recent Top 20 employers to tell their story. To Natasha Cavanagh of Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group and Sandra Lerch from Queensland Government, thank you for being so generous and open with your insights, learnings, and
advice – it is greatly appreciated. Congratulations to you and your teams – clearly, the dedication and hard work you are putting in is paying dividends.

Standing Out: Insights from the Top is an informative and thought-provoking read – one where I believe you’ll find a golden nugget to spark an idea, helping you to navigate the future and enhance your employer brand

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