Queensland Government ranked number four in 2023 Top 20 Employers (Rank #27 in 2022). In this year’s Randstad Employer Brand Research, they jumped an incredible 23 places to achieve Australia’s fourth Most Attractive Employer for 2023. 

Sandra Lerch, Executive Director, Strategic Workforce Futures at the Public Sector Commission (PSC), shared her views on how Queensland Government is building a strong employer brand, with a workforce that is agile, inclusive, and fit for the future.

The PSC is a small, dynamic, central agency of Queensland Government whose purpose is to advise, connect, support and partner with the public sector to deliver the best outcomes for Queenslanders. The PSC’s responsibilities include workforce policy, strategy, leadership, and organisational performance across the Queensland public sector.

#BeHere4Qld is a powerful story to tell. 

We are so excited that Queensland Government was voted one of Australia’s most desirable employers. These results validate what our employees already know – a career with the Queensland Government is a fantastic choice.

The #BeHere4Qld brand reflects and communicates our public service values, our code of conduct and the benefits we offer. We hold ourselves accountable to provide our employees with a safe, inclusive, and diverse workplace where they can thrive and in return, we will deliver better services and outcomes for Queensland.

There is exciting work currently happening to create an even better public sector for Queensland, with a focus on ensuring we remain an employer of choice, and to build workforce capability and public service professionalism.

Engagement is underway to deliver a five-year strategy for an even better public sector for Queensland strategy, with a focus on our workplace, our workforce, and our work. 

an image of a man reaching for bananas in the tree
an image of a man reaching for bananas in the tree

dedicated to reflecting the community we serve.

Queensland is already served by a great public sector with dedicated public servants. We pride ourselves on having a workplace and workforce that reflects the values and the diversity of the community we serve and where our employees feel safe, respected, and included.

Ensuring the sector’s workforce reflects the community it serves is a key component of the public sector reform program. The 5-year strategy to deliver an even better public sector for Queensland will result in greater public trust and confidence in the Queensland public sector and deliver better services, better jobs, and better lifestyles for all Queenslanders.

Our employer branding uses the be here statements “Be you” and “Be balanced” to communicate our diversity, equity, and inclusion values to potential employers.

• Be You – bring your authentic self. This means creating an inclusive culture that promotes the skills and insights of our people irrespective of gender, ethnicity, generation, sexual orientation, or ability.

• Be Balanced – find balance in your life through contemporary work practices. We are the workplace of choice for people returning to the workforce, for those with commitments outside of the workplace, we are a workplace that fits in with your life.

Importantly, our employer branding is backed by a legislative commitment to equity, diversity, respect, and inclusion in the workplace. The Public Sector Act 2022 provides improved clarity around recruiting for diversity. For example, it sets out new recruitment and selection provisions, that are based on three key principles, whereby recruitment and selection processes must:

• Be directed to the selection of the eligible person best suited to the position.

• Be fair and transparent.

• Reflect the obligation of the Act relating to equity, diversity, respect, and inclusion.

‘be here’ statements are our communication pillars.

The Queensland Government LinkedIn account has over 100,000 followers. It is a major channel used in the communication and promotion of the ‘Be here’ employer brand. The ‘Be here’ statements are pillars that we use to develop and create content. Our LinkedIn content is created to inform current employees and appeal to future employees.

We share real world examples and take a proactive stance in communicating our DEI initiatives e.g. this is how we are creating a more equal and inclusive workplace, this is what flexible work looks like in practice, this is how we foster diversity in our workplaces.

To help promote our employer brand, we have run a #BeHere4Qld photo competition where we captured over 350 stories and images from our employees across the whole of Queensland. We have also organised #BeHere4Qld branded flash mobs at HR and public sector conferences and developed a campaign website that helps support diverse recruitment campaigns, used in whole of workforce initiatives.

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an image of people in scuba gear and oxygen masks posing for the camera under water

a career where everyone can make a difference.

As we look to the future, we see our workplaces, workforce and work changing as we build an even better public sector for Queensland. Our employer brand and strategy need to reflect our vision for the future, so we attract and retain the right people with the right skills. We are a sector of many professions, all of whom are skilled in the craft of what it means to work with public purpose.

We have seen significant shifts in the employment market over the past three years. The pandemic has been a great equaliser of employee benefits – working from home, work-life balance, greater autonomy in the way we work. These are all things that the public sector has traditionally prided itself on.

Things like flexibility and work-life balance are things that we still do very well – but it is no longer a genuine point of difference. However, what we do well and arguably better than other sectors is providing a career where an individual can make an impact on their community (Be the difference) and feel safe, included and valued whilst doing so (Be you). What unites us is a commitment to public purpose work – to serving the people of Queensland.

an image of a woman wearing a blue collared shirt holding a compilation of insect anatomy in a frame while smiling
an image of a woman wearing a blue collared shirt holding a compilation of insect anatomy in a frame while smiling

our drawcard: to be part of something bigger than the sum of its parts.

A career in the public sector is rewarding, especially in the Queensland Government. There are great benefits, visible career progression paths and flexible working options to suit everyone.

As a public servant, you have the opportunity to make a difference and add value to your community, whilst feeling more secure during uncertain economic times. In the longer term, the public sector isn’t just a great place to join, it’s a great place to stay.

All this is underpinned in the BeHere4Qld statement, it is a commitment to public purpose work, being part of something that is bigger than the sum of its parts, it is an institutional strength. We aim to be an employer of choice, and we have a unique offering in that regard – the opportunity to make a difference.

queensland government top 5 tips.

The top 5 tips to build a strong employer brand are:

1. Create purposeful work. Ensure values alignment between employer and candidate.

2. Embed diversity in your DNA. In your work, your workplace, your workforce, and of course in your recruitment and selection processes, and EVP.

3. Bring your current employees along on the journey. What they say and feel will have a bigger impact on your employer brand than any strategy or campaign.

4. Take your time. Be genuine in your employer branding. Give yourself time to walk the walk before you talk the talk.

5. Make yourself accountable. Put in measures and regular check-ups to make sure your business/organisation is still aligned to your employer brand and reflective of your values.

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an image of a short haired woman wearing glasses smiling brightly

sandra lerch

executive director, strategic workforce futures at the public sector commission (psc)