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Our team are genuine in the support they offer, whether it be helping you to secure the right work opportunity, supporting your development or support you whilst you are contracting for us. Our team cultivate strong relationships within the industry and register over 50 new work opportunities per week, so we can constantly talk to you about new openings in the market and guide you as your career develops within government.

Amelia O'carrigan - Associate Director NSW Government

meaningful communication.

  • you will experience genuine and trusted advice through your consultant who will be your point of contact throughout your time on assignment with us. Whether you have an issue to resolve or some career advice needed your consultant will always respond within 24 hours of any request

  • a personal touch with your consultant scheduling face to face meetings, at a frequency that suits you

meaningful communication.

  • our consultants will ask you about your thoughts and experiences and share feedback with you to support your development

  • guidance and support around salary or pay rate review as and when needed

  • strong safety focus meaning we ensure you are inducted and working in a safe environment

professional development & career advice.

  • access to our online job seeker toolkit to prepare you for your next career move 

  • quarterly training events to upskill you and help with career progression

  • one on one coaching to support your job search and application process


  • we offer three pay runs per week ensuring you are always paid within the week 

  • superannuation remitted monthly meaning you can easily keep track of payments

  • access to My Randstad portal for easy payslip access

  • salary sacrifice options

  • we offer referral incentives if you refer family or friends to us

  • exclusive access to roles before we go to market 

  • access to our employee assistance program services, including counselling services