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Our global best-practice assessment centre methodology can be tailored to assess either existing employees from a development or transformations perspective, or to ensure we are assessing the best talent in the external market.

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Our global best practice assessment centre methodology can be tailored to assess either existing employees from a development or transformations perspective or to ensure we are assessing the best talent in the external market, from small numbers of candidates for senior management positions, through to volume candidate assessment for major recruitment drives.

We customise each centre to align with your critical success factors and determine individuals’ suitability for your vacancies. Your decision process is made easy with the backing of automatic scoring and merit ranking of candidates to ensure consistency and rigour in the process.

areas of specialism.

  • assessment centres.

    As a hiring manager, engaging with an assessment centre offers you an alternative method of recruiting to the traditional interview structure. Randstad’s Assessment Centres allow you to replicate key business scenarios in a simulated environment, and assess how potential talent react in each situation. 

    The outcome of this testing allows us to provide you with a clear and focused overview of an individual's current ability, future potential and how candidates are likely to fit in with your future business objectives. In doing so, this gives your business the best possible chance of attracting and retaining talented individuals who will be instrumental in your ongoing business success.

    We achieve this by applying an assessment centre methodology against eight critical success factors that is then tailored specifically for your business. Our team will work with your business to define competencies and behaviours specific to your business, with the ultimate goal of designing a tailored environment with everyday tasks specific to your business in which to assess your potential candidates in.

  • graduate recruitment.

    Increased competition for talent is making it more and more difficult for organisations to source high calibre candidates for graduate roles. Today, the best graduate employers recognise that it's the strength of employer branding combined with effective recruitment strategies that consistently attracts top graduates to join your organisation. 

    Randstad's graduate recruitment solutions allow you to source, screen and select potential candidates who will ultimately grow and develop your business objectives. We evaluate candidates across their potential leadership ability as well as their propensity to match key cultural factors and we identify candidates who have the potential to be your future business leaders.Our graduate solution provides you with a flexible approach, specifically designed to attract and secure the top talent in the market through an integrated employer branding and technology driven assessment campaign.

  • development centres.

    Randstad's assessment centre offering can be used for more than just the initial hiring stages. Today's business leaders recognise more than ever that success depends on the ongoing development and productivity of their current workforce. Differences in people performance ultimately impact your bottom line, and the best way to gain a competitive advantage is to invest in a program which identifies, promotes, develops and ultimately retains the very best talent within your organisation. 

    You can use our ongoing development centre services to assess the potential of current employees, gain an insight into their ability to perform in different roles and ultimately guide the career paths of your future business leaders.

    We provide objective feedback on an individual's strengths, weaknesses and future potential. The results will provide your people with meaningful career guidance and a personal development plan to assist with future success. Whether you are trying to enhance the development of a specific person or accelerate the development of a group of high potentials, we will work with you to pinpoint your business needs, using our in-house expertise and know-how to deliver a solution that gives your business the competitive edge.

    Our ultimate goal is to help you provide every person within your organisation with an enjoyable and positive career experience that promotes further growth and development, while always building and enhancing your employer brand.

  • volume projects.

    Whether you are an organisation that has constant high volume recruitment needs, you have a new product or service to bring to the market, or you are looking to expand or relocate, Randstad is best placed to provide you with a bespoke volume recruitment solution.

    With experienced Project Managers who have managed end-to-end volume projects within government and commercial sectors, we design a methodology that will enable us to attract the highest talent for your roles, ensure a consistent process that heightens the candidate experience, as well as improving your cost and time to hire than typical one on one recruitment.  

    With scalability, national coverage and a team that are experts in volume recruitment, our goal is to ensure that the critical milestones and your organisation’s objectives are met.

  • transformation projects.

    Randstad partners with organisations who are going through a period of change and transformation - whether that be from a recruitment perspective or from assessment of existing employees, Randstad’s Volume, Assessment & Transformations team have the capability and expertise to ensure that this process is compliant, robust and provides full transparency and “defence-ability”.

    Using a variety of assessment tools, our dedicated Project Management team will partner with your organisation to understand your strategic objectives, impact of legislation, consideration to unions, as well as ensuring that the sourcing strategy (if appropriate), captures both active and passive talent in the market.

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