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HR Consulting

data driven.

We use a data-driven approach to review existing recruitment practices and provide clients with current strengths and pain points, in addition to a road map outlining key areas of focus for enhancing the process.

our approach.

offering multiple solutions

Randstad designs end-to-end assessment centres and mini-interviews for graduates and all other employees up to executive-level.

We measure competencies using various methods. Our approach reduces common biases associated with traditional recruitment and increases rigour through multi-method, multi-trait assessment practices. It includes assessor and behavioural interview training, scoring guides, run sheets, and activity design.

The client may choose tailored solutions to suit the needs of their organisation or something more economical and ready-made.

HR Consulting

success profiling.

We will work with you to develop a success profile to identify the ‘ideal’ candidate. This will help you recruit against a profile outlining competencies that will differentiate high from average to low performers. A natural extension of this work is to design or review existing competency frameworks to understand what critical competencies are required for success in your organisation.

HR Consulting

psychometric testing.

We offer clients a tool agnostic end-to-end psychometric testing service. That means, we do not force our products onto clients but select the best assessment for each specific industry, job role, and organisation. We take care of all the test administration and candidate care so that the hiring manger can focus on making critical decisions with or without debrief from one of our psychologist.

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