individual & organisational assessment.

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Our experts work with you to discover where your organisation or team is currently placed on the path to best practice talent management. Our assessment practice determines this by utilising highly valid psychometric assessment methods to support the selection and development of talent and organisations. Far from a one-size-fits all approach, we focus on what success means for each unique organisation, team and individual we partner with.

individual assessment.

Our individual assessment work provides support in both selection and development scenarios. We use a range of assessment tool tailored to meet your individual needs and ensure we apply the most appropriate tool to each engagement.


In selection, we may use a success profile or conduct interviews with stakeholders in the organisation to understand what aspects they are trying to measure. We then work through the recruitment process to identify the most appropriate point to incorporate an assessment tool.
The goal is to bring technology and touch together to help you quickly identify the candidates who are most likely to be successful, and allow you to engage with them personally, as early in the process as possible.


In development scenarios, we work with teams to identify where employees and leaders need to focus their development to be more successful in their roles, or to step up to a new challenge. As with selection, we look to understand the purpose and goals and identify the most appropriate tool to deliver information that can be used to support decision-making.

success profile development.

Our consultants can work with you to build a profile of what a successful employee looks like, either across the whole organisation or for a specific role. The success profile takes into account the competencies required to perform the role effectively, the personality best suited for a cultural fit, and the experience that will help them become a successful and active contributor earlier.

organisational assessment.

Organisational assessment can take many forms, and our team of psychologists and accredited specialists help to advise you on selecting the right diagnostics to ensure a return on investment.
Whether it be an issue with culture, a senior team not working effectively together, or challenging results from an engagement survey, our specialists and psychologists can assist in identifying the core issues and build a plan with you to overcome them.

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