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Our philosophy of shaping talent for tomorrow puts your organisation's unique talent strategy at the centre of your approach, surrounding you with extensive range of HR consulting services you can draw on to address complex talent management challenges whenever and wherever they arise.

Strategy Alignment
Talent Management
Career Transition

Facilitating strategy development and implementation

We help executive teams to develop the strategy that will achieve the desired results, maximise the competitive environment and address the critical issues & risks.

Executive team strategic alignment

We help executive teams to execute on the strategy through an understanding of the key roles and accountabilities of each member in delivering the strategy.

Building high performance executive teams

A high performance culture needs to start at the top. We help executive teams to develop the required culture and behaviours to deliver the strategy.

Executive team development and coaching

We help to accelerate the performance and effectiveness of executives.
Does your business have a well-developed and communicated strategy? Are all the executives aligned with the strategy, what it takes to deliver, and their role and accountability in executing this?
We partner with organisations to facilitate the strategy development process, build strong alignment within the executive team to achieving the strategy, and accelerate the organisation's ability and readiness to action the strategy.
Are you confident that you have right tools to recruit, select and develop the right people your business?
Building a competitive talent strategy starts with robust assessment, delivering you the people that give your business a competitive advantage in the ever-changing world of work.
Do you have strategies in place to ensure you identify and retain your top people and engage team to be really productive and no just doing their job?
Do you know where your people spend their discretionary effort in your business?
Our talent management solutions are tailored to engage and develop your people, helping you identify and bridge critical talent gaps in your business.
How do you care of your people in times of change and transition?
How well does your organisation handle change when it impacts people's roles?
Our career transition practice specialises in designing and delivering services for organisations and people experiencing change and/or redundancy. We are known for our flexible approach which provides protection for your brand and the right support for your people.
Talent Management
Career Transition

Our talent management practice will tailor a solution to help you bridge critical talent gaps. Targeted strategies across talent selection, engagement, development and career management ensure a strategically aligned, productive workforce.


Job analysis

Improve candidate selection by first defining the tasks performed in a particular job and the competencies required to perform those tasks to ensure the best match for every role.

Recruitment process design

Develop a recruitment strategy and associated tools and processes to meet your organisation's current and future talent needs in a changing global talent market.

Success profiling

Profile high performers to better understand the DNA for successful job performance in your organisation. Core competencies and behaviours can be used to guide future candidate selection.

Talent matching

Enhance selection decisions by matching talent based on an accurate understanding of aptitudes, interests and behavioural alignment.

Talent pipeline mapping

Build a talent pipeline that anticipates your changing business needs by mapping the talent pool now and in the future.

High potential identification

Use the science of performance and potential measurements to identify high-potential talent for the development fast-track.

Succession management

Identify and develop talent with the potential to fill key business leadership positions in the medium to long term.

Employer Value Proposition

Develop a compelling employee value proposition (EVP) to articulate your mission and enhance your organisation's appeal as an employer.

Employee Surveys

Improve organisational performance by gaining insights into employee attitudes across a range of work culture and performance areas.
Our highly respected development solutions are designed to help you identify and nurture talent at all levels of your organisation.

Leadership development programs

Provide continuous learning and skills development for leaders at all levels utilising our robust assessment and development frameworks.

Coaching & mentoring

Support and nurture leaders across your organisation to reach their full potential by offering access to our tailored coaching and mentoring programs.

Team development

Enhance the effectiveness, productivity and performance of teams through our customised training and development programs.

Performance & executive coaching

Help managers become more effective leaders and progress their executive development with our dedicated coaching solutions.
Career management

Onboarding programs

Coach and support new recruits to maximise engagement and productivity and ensure a successful transition to their new role.

Career development workshops

Challenge employees to acquire the perspectives, skills and capabilities to advance their careers or embark on specific career paths.

Career coaching

Equip employees to take ownership of their career development and support the evolution of their career in your organisation and beyond.

Return to work programs

Help employees re-entering the workforce or returning to work after a significant break by updating their skills, knowledge and expectations.

Retirement planning

Encourage employees to proactively plan a successful transition to retirement through organisational initiatives and individual coaching.

Building a competitive talent strategy starts with robust assessment, which is the foundation of every program we undertake. In this diagnostic stage we discover where your organisation or team is currently placed on the path to best practice talent management. Our assessment practice do this by utilising highly valid assessment methods to support the selection and development of talent. Far from a one-size-fits-all approach, we focus on what success means for each unique organisation, team and individual we partner with.


Psychometric assessment

Identify and nurture high-potential talent by measuring cognitive ability, personality, talents and motivation applied to job-relevant competencies to ensure the right people in the right jobs. Our tools draw on the principles of psychology, work performance and neuroscience.

360 Assessment

Understand how job performance and effectiveness is viewed by stakeholders across the organisation and beyond by using multi-rater performance management methodologies.

Team Development

Support the optimal functioning of newly formed and existing teams with team based assessment, profiling and team development workshops.

High Performing Teams

A focus on the specific factors that enable high performance in team can increase effectiveness. Use an objective assessment of high performance to inform targeted action plans and team development.

Competency modeling

Cultivate high performance in specific job roles and organisational cultures by asking us to design and implement competency frameworks that define the knowledge, skills and attributes requires.

Assessment & development centres

Support organisational wide selection and development initiatives with objective assessment using multiple and varied assessment-methods to select employees for specific job roles or career development paths.

Volume assessment and organisational transformation

Ensure merit based and valid assessment methodologies inform your organisational volume and transformation initiatives with custom built assessment approaches that improve the efficiency of high volume recruitment and change programs.

With corporate change programs on the rise in both the public and private enterprise, business and HR leaders rely on our well-designed and thoughtfully delivered programs to support their workforce and maximise productivity and engagement in times of organisational change.

The work of our career transition practice is never more satisfying than when we see individuals prosper and grow through the career transition process following a company restructure. Helping individuals understand their capabilities, adapt, reskill and find the confidence to embark on a new future is truly rewarding.


Change management

Partner with us to design strategies that enable your employee culture to adapt, survive and thrive in the face of organisational change.

Career transition

Support individuals impacted by restructure to transition to a new role or career with the help of our individually designed coaching programs.

Restructure design

Draw on our expertise to help restructure your organisation to achieve your strategic vision and goals while supporting individual employees.

HR & manager training

Equip HR professionals and managers with the skills to effectively implement change projects with our change management training.

Group workshops

Facilitate the career transition process with our tailored group workshops and seminars that prepare employees for job change.

Change leadership

Enable business leaders and front line managers to effectively lead teams through change with the support of our individual coaching solutions or group seminars.

Post-restructure support

Maximise employee engagement and productivity following a company restructure with our tailored coaching and seminar programs designed to help teams adapt.

Workforce planning

Ensure your organisation's future success by partnering with us to deliver best practice workforce planning analysis and solution design.

Skills analysis

Use our expertise to conduct a skills analysis across new and existing job roles and develop strategies to help you bridge the talent gaps.

Redeployment framework design

Develop an effective framework to redeploy talent in response to regulatory or organisational change with our consulting solutions.

Coaching & workshops

Prepare your workforce for redeployment with our tailored group workshops and seminars offering practical advice to facilitate the transition process.

HR & manager support

Partner with a trusted HR consultant to support your leadership team through the outplacement process, including training for HR professionals and frontline managers.

Outplacement programs

Use our individually designed outplacement programs based on the principals of best practice transition processes to support employees to reach their personal and professional goals.

Career workshops

Offer employees facing career change access to tailored group workshops and seminars covering relevant career development and job search topics to facilitate transition process.

Transition technology

Help employees create new opportunities with access to a comprehensive range of innovative online career coaching and transition resources.

Resources & facilities

Provide holistic transition support by asking us to design dedicated job search resources or facilities to complement and support your outplacement solution.

shaping talent for tomorrow

Randstad HR Consulting is comitted to shaping talent for tomorrow to meet the unique needs of every organisation.

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solutions that help you embrace change

With a collective track record of service delivery over two decades, each of our consultants and qualified organisational psychologists is dedicated to improving individual and organisational performance, satisfaction and growth while providing exceptional service and value across every project.

Our mission is to support leadership teams and front line workforces to adapt and proposer in response to both change and opportunity. 

why partner with Randstad?

Boasting some of the most credentialed and experience HR consultants and organisational psychologists in Australia, our team has expertise across talent management spectrum. From assessment, selection, engagement and development of talent to improve workforce productivity and drive meaningful business results - to career management, transition, redeployment and outplacement services to support people in the wake of inevitable change.

why satisfied clients keep coming back

"Thank you for all your hard work in designing and delivering this high potential program. Tools like these are instrumental in personal development and also bringing self awareness back to the individual." Group Organisational Development Manager, Professional Services

"I have always received the best service from my account manager and career coaches. The communication and flexibility provided has been exceptional. The feedback from impacted employees has been extremely positive and great results have been achieved from the outplacement program." National HR Director, Manufacturing & Distribution