In many sports, the game is won and lost long before the first whistle is blown; before the fans take their seats; and in many cases before the season even begins. And no, in case you are wondering, sports are not fixed (we hope). Rather they simply favour the best trained, best resourced and best staffed teams.

A common refrain amongst modern day sporting pundits is that tech-geeks, suits, bean counters and analysts are wielding greater influence over what transpires on the track than 

Take the true story of Moneyball for example, where the Oakland Athletics manager forsook conventional baseball wisdom in place of rigorous sabermetric analysis that informed everything about the operation of the team; from players it recruited all the way down to 

In the world of Formula 1, this concept rings even more true. So much so, that the best tech-geeks, suits, bean counters and analysts are almost as sought after as the top drivers. 

This is because it is not simply the driver alone, but a collaborative team effort that is the biggest contributor to success. 

It is a team of experts in their field that undertake the important work to ensure the car is fast, the team is profitable and the driver has everything he or she needs to succeed on the track.  So who are these faceless tech-geeks, suits, bean counters, and analysts? And how do they take a car from the garage to the chequered flag?

1. The Mechanical Engineer
Know what angle your rear wing needs to sit at to achieve minimal drag whilst negotiating a chicane? A team’s mechanical engineer does and works throughout the year modelling faster bodies that shave milliseconds off lap times through aerodynamics. 

2. The Accountant
Not required at the racetrack but pivotal in managing a team’s finances. A few bad deals or misplaced zeros can mean the difference between a well-resourced team and a bankrupt team that can’t finish off the season. 

​3. Data Analyst
Fans are interested in who won the race or who got pole position. Data analysts are interested in off-season lap times where fuel levels sit below 65 per cent during wet weather… that and every other conceivable race permutation. 

He or she will crunch these numbers and condense them into set directives for the team principals to implement.  Success lies in the data… it’s just a matter of interpreting it faster and clearer than your rivals.

4. Sales Manager
The only thing worse for a team than having no sponsors, is having the wrong sponsors. 

Getting leading and likeminded brands on board is vital to the success and survival of a team. This is the remit of the sales manager. 

This extends way beyond dollars and cents. Such as what markets can a brand give a team exposure too, what products can they tie in and what events can be held together.

5. Executive Assistant
With so much international travel, Formula 1 Racing is a logistical challenge almost like no other. Managing flight and testing schedules, media appearances and paperwork all are key to ensuring a team’s journey from home to pole position is a smooth one.

6. Welder Fitter
Because Formula 1 cars are largely built by hand, they more closely resemble works of art than conventional vehicles. Welder Fitters are front and centre in the building process and have their hands on each component attached to these high-performance vehicles. Skilled and steady hands are a must, along with detailed knowledge of chassis and engine 

If these team members do their job properly, a driver is able to step into their vehicle, content in the knowledge his car is faster, his race plan sounder and his pit-crew superior than the rest of the field. It’s a good feeling. 

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