Negativity in the workplace is beneficial for no-one. And in good news, having a positive outlook is something that can be learned.

Some people take every situation in their stride, while others fall to pieces at the very mention of adversity. And while it can be difficult to control our natural response to certain circumstances, Martyn Newman, Consulting Psychologist for Randstad, says people who build such skills can experience greater happiness at work and in life.

Newman refers to happiness as ‘emotional capital’ as “it's the kind of wealth that literally creates peace of mind. People with this kind of wealth are the real ‘new rich’, they are emotional capitalists with the spending power to be at their best, whatever the challenge.”

“Not only do they have more energy and drive than most people, they also enrich everyone around them with their skills and attitude,” he says.

So how do you become an emotional capitalist? Here are Newman’s top tips.

  • Be self-reliant – The emotional power to accept responsibility in planning and making important decisions is the first step. Discover what matters most to you and have the courage to believe in yourself.
  • Be self-confident – Consciously develop the courage to take on an initiative despite social pressures. Teach yourself that you don't have to rely on the approval of others. Facing challenges head-on teaches you how strong you are.
  • Be optimistic – Always look for opportunity, even in the face of adversity. If the task at hand is particularly daunting, looking at it positively will evoke feelings of triumph once your goals are achieved.
  • Be more resilient – The faster you learn to recognise positives and overcome negative emotions, the faster you will bounce back from adversity.
  • Be passionate about what you do – Passionate people spend twice as much time thinking about what they have accomplished, how achievable the task ahead is and how capable they are of achieving it. If you are able to find something that sparks your interest, your state of mind will improve.  

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