randstad technologies: a digital transformation.

When Australia's biggest organisations need to transform they turn to us. From single projects to a complete transformation, we can support you.

about us.

Every part of your business is experiencing new or evolved pressures. Your user's needs, from your customers to internal employees, are changing. New technologies enter the market on a daily basis and technology is constantly shifting. The top performing organisations actively manage the digital transformation journey.
Randstad Technology Solutions team helps companies identify the gaps between where they are now and where they need to be, and it all starts with the Randstad Digital Assessment to fully understand your organisation's current digital capabilities; focusing on your people, process and technology.

our three components.

  • discovery phase
    • Define roles and responsibilities 
    • Develop a detailed schedule of activity 
    • Engage with key stakeholders
    • Define business needs and problems 
    • Outline project objectives
    • Detail project scope
    • Confirm key milestones
    • Map current features of digital assets against stakeholder's requirements
  • engagement & definition
    • Discuss company's shared vision
    • Ensure stakeholders understand the project purpose
    • Pinpoint individual stakeholder challenges
    • Description of system properties on agreed assets
    • Specifications of how these systems work
    • List of constraints placed on the development process for integration
    • Technical architecture Review
  • capability assessment & program design
    • Perform a high level skills gap analysis of current employees
    • Review current processes
    • Review platform structure and integration of systems
    • Recommendations on next steps including costing and timelines
    • Cost-saving outlined
    • Identify which parts of the business would be impacted
    • Summarise goals, milestones, gaps and barriers

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