the procurement podcast project.

Everything you ever wanted to know (and maybe even a bit more) about a career in procurement.

a future-proof and in demand career.

Would you want to:

  • spearhead change for the good of your company and society?
  • have an accelerated career path?
  • manage large spending in a short period of time?

This is all achievable with procurement. Our podcast series will enlighten you to the dynamic, exciting and rewarding nature of procurement and bust potential misconceptions you might have previously had about this career path. 

ep 1: save or create value?

Andres Naranjo has been working in procurement for ten years and has enjoyed every day of it. Our first podcast details the dynamic nature of procurement and discusses why procurement isn't just about saving money but rather adding value to any particular company.

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"procurement isn't hard, no matter what anyone else tells you[...]  you have skills that can be developed, you can get into it." - Andres Naranjo

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your questions answered.

  • why procurement?

    It puts you in a position where you can have exposure across businesses, where you can be in a position to influence change for the better and grow a career which is in demand across the globe. 

  • what is procurement?

    Acquiring goods or services from an external source and finding a middle ground between what the supplier wants and what you want. Usually with price you’re at odds because someone will walk away with more or less depending on the perceived value and the market value.  Mostly, your aim is to get the best deal for the right terms.

  • what are some typical procurement tasks?

    Typical tasks include: managing vendors, negotiating, working with stakeholders - there’s no rulebook for procurement. 

  • what is objective pricing?

    Objective pricing is when a supplier sells a product or service at a different price, depending on who they are selling it to. 

  • why does procurement involve a lot of people skills?

    Procurement involves a lot of negotiation, which requires you to somewhat understand the objectives and interests of the other party.  

  • what is a shape-shifter?

    Shape-shifting occurs when you are trained in one particular area but then use your skillset in a different field. Procurement doesn't have an undergraduate degree, so you find that a lot of the time, like Christen who is trained formally in law, ended up in procurement merely by chance. It also means it is a field that is applicable to a number of skill-sets and individuals regardless of formal training.

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ep 2: throw out the rulebook.

Christen Athos is not even 30 yet, but manages over $100 million of spending. In this podcast, we discuss how using people skills, creativity and negotiation has helped Christen skyrocket her career and facilitated the savings of millions of dollars.

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"I just find it so exciting, no day is like the previous when I am working with different people [...] and there are always different interests at play and I find the dynamics really interesting." - Christen Athos

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ep 3: an accidental success.

Damien Sheehy is well known in the procurement industry and currently is the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) for Holcim Australia & New Zealand. Our third podcast in our PPP series follows the story of an aspiring snowboarder turned CPO.

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"there was a problem, I found a solution[...] some people zig and I zag." -  Damien Sheehy  

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ep 4: the career procurement professional.

Glenn Johnston knows procurement. His varied career thus far has seen him work for several multimillion dollar business across a number of different industries. It's hard not be be inspired by his beliefs that he's operating in one of the only "for good careers".

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"I work in the problem-solving department." - Glenn Johnston

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your hosts.

  • Randy Basra

    branch manager

    A shapeshifter himself having worked in banking previously, Randy now has over 13 years experience in recruitment specialising in accounting and procurement. He is passionate about learning new topics and has taken a huge interest in procurement and how the sector has the ability to change the world!

  • Matthew Evans

    principal consultant

    Matt has worked in executive search and recruitment across 18 countries. He is passionate about career building and adding value. An avid podcast listener, he hopes to give you real, actionable insight around building a career which will set you up for success.

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