When you work for Randstad or on any of our client's sites, our ambition is to create the foundation of a safety culture so that you can always feel confident in your workplace well being. We foster open and collaborative partnerships with our clients, and encourage a strong internal process of continuous improvement and knowledge development. We are focused on working together with our clients and employees to promote an environment of safety best practice.

key components

As a Randstad contractor, your safety always comes first - which is why we make it our priority to eliminate or minimise the effect of all hazards in the workplace, as far as reasonably practicable.

For this reason, many of our formal procedures are aimed at ensuring we can anticipate your safety needs, focus on the prevention of injury and manage the environment of our temporary employees.

As part of our overall WHS strategy, we provide job safety analysis for our clients, comprehensive safety inductions & ongoing risk assessment.

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